By: Christy Diaz

Do you waste time every morning gazing at your clothes, uncertain of what to choose? You may even have a full closet of clothes but still have nothing to wear. The key to streamlining your plus size business clothing wardrobe is to have a few key pieces that are versatile. By having these basics in your wardrobe, you can choose a perfect outfit in no time and look more put together than ever. This list of plus size business clothing is essential for any working woman.

A Dark, Tropical Weight Wool Pantsuit

By choosing one quality pantsuit, you can create many different looks. Besides wearing the pants and jacket together, the jacket can be used with a variety of coordinating pants and skirts. As well, the pants will work with blouses, sweaters, even t-shirts.

By choosing a tropical weight wool, this pantsuit can be worn all year round. Dark colors are preferable because they are slimming, and they hide dirt and stains. A good quality pantsuit should be the mainstay of your plus size business clothing wardrobe.
French Blue Blouse

While you may think that a white blouse would make this list of basics, a French blue blouse can be just as versatile, but more flattering on a full figure. This shade of blue looks wonderful with almost every complexion, and it looks modern and stylish.

Black V-neck Sweater

This can be worn by itself, over a blouse or t-shirt, or draped over the shoulders. A classic, black sweater will make you look thinner, and it simply matches with everything else in your wardrobe. Choose a lambswool or cashmere style for fall and winter and a silk or cotton sweater for spring and summer.

Charcoal Gray Trousers

Perfectly tailored trousers, in a dark shade like charcoal gray, can speak volumes about your sense of style. With a pair of black pumps and a v-neck sweater, you will look sophisticated and stylish.

Khaki A-line Skirt

Ideal for during the week and on weekends, a durable, khaki skirt will look perfect with almost every variety of sweater and blouse. Dress it up with the French blue blouse and a leather belt, or wear it casually with a t-shirt and sandals.

Basic Shirt dress

A button down shirtdress is another all-purpose clothing item that has a variety of different looks. The most flattering styles for fuller figures have long sleeves and hit slightly below the knee. Look for details like French cuffs and front darts that will add style and shape.
With a few well-chosen pieces in your work wardrobe, you can mix and match a multitude of different outfits. And, wouldn't it be simply wonderful to have a closet of clothes that fit, look, and feel stylish, comfortable, and professional.

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