By: Georgette Pauls

Strategies for great wardrobes.

It's amazing to me what the fashion industry can persuade us women to wear. It's like...

If someone tells us we have to wear a look that emphasizes our absolutely worst parts to be fashionable---


Why do we allow ourselves to be jerked around like this? It doesn't make sense.

Remember leggings? Tight pants that make your rear and mine look BIGGER. Then came Capri's, or what folks in the South call "high water pants". Hips look wide and legs look short! Why is this a good thing? We're not like skinny, anorexic, 14-year-old models, nor do we want to be that abnormal. We want to look womanly and sleek and elegant, not fat and trashy.

The little high-heeled slide shoes don't help much, either, and they're really uncomfortable. Who could run after a two-year-old wearing them?

The coordinating tops are sleeveless to show off our narrow shoulders and less than toned upper arm (and make our butts look bigger in proportion!).

I'm NOT skinny and I get cold easily. Give me enough fabric to cover up, PLEASE! I always feel like I need some gum and a cigarette to make the look complete. I want to look elegant and attractive, not rode hard and put up wet. Does the fashion industry dislike women in general or does it just seem that way?

So you realize you need a new look and go looking for a makeover. A logical first we've ALL tried...we find the best hair salon in town and go for a new do.


Hairdressers want to cut your hair OFF!

And they want you BACK in that chair every six weeks to maintain the LOOK.

It's the old "FOLLOW the MONEY". If you are in the salon frequently, it's great for your hairdresser's cash flow.

There's only one little problem. If YOU don't look like Halle Berry you should NOT cut your hair too short.

Personally I like to wear my hair pretty long so I have the choice of many looks. Since I'm not the most beautiful woman in the face (or the worst), my hair can provide interest that my genes didn't provide.

A good figure is as much an optical illusion as anything else. A full-length mirror is necessary. Look at your self as objectively as you can.

1. Everyone (Yes, EVERYONE!) does have good points. Figure out what your best parts are and emphasize them. 2. Decide which parts need balancing and buy clothing accordingly. 3. Buy tops and jackets and dresses with set in sleeves. Regular sleeve caps look better on most people. 4. If you have a wide spot anywhere, avoid horizontal lines across that spot. Stripes and prints can be problematic. Simpler may be better. 5. If you have a tummy wear something smooth at the waist (no gathered or elasticized waistbands). Get tops with neck detail and enough length to smooth your shape out and disguise your belly. 6. Higher heels make legs look longer. 7. If you have great legs show them...but don't let your skirts get too short. 8. Remember to acknowledge your femininity and glory in it. 9. Buy the sizes of clothing that give you enough room to move and have dinner, especially if, like me, you love to eat.

YOU should please YOUR SELF! Create your own style. The great Hollywood beauties did it...and made the best of their assets...and they didn't have perfect bodies either. They utilized the art of illusion to look their best. We can do it, too.

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