By: Eric McCoy

Think of costumes sexy costumes and most would think Halloween. However, costumes need not be for Halloween alone. When your relationship tends to fall into a predictable routine, its time you spruced it up with costumes among other things. If your relationship is still growing, you can make it more exciting with costumes. Whichever way you look at it, and whatever your position, you can make your life more interesting with properly selected costumes.


Lets face it. Most people have fantasies, and have learned to inject excitement, thrill or whatever you prefer to call it, into their lives using fantasy. Suit your fantasy while choosing your costume. Fantasies that men have are not restricted to skimpily clad women (Notwithstanding the fact that the costume that men would find most sexy is you-know-what). A sexy nurse? Why not? A flight attendant or a police officer that would suit many men fine. So you see, there are a lot of roles that you can assume to turn on your partner. And as for men, you can do it with carefully selected costumes too. Sexy costumes are not necessarily revealing costumes although showing off what you have works well enough most of the time, and theres nothing wrong with it.

Playing roles!

Not me, is a familiar refrain with some people. If you sit down and think about it youll realize that theres nothing wrong or foolish about playing a part with your partner, all dressed up for the role. Wanting to be in a sexy outfit, or wanting to see your partner in a sexy outfit, doesnt mean that you dont love her (him) anymore. Wanting to see your partner in a maids clothes doesnt mean that you want to sleep with a maid. It only means that you want to have variety with your own wife or partner. So go ahead and fantasize and play roles. And by all means wear all the sexy clothes that you want to. Its only adding spice to your love life and bringing you closer through a greater measure of enjoyment.

Purchasing the right costume

Purchasing the right costume can prove to be a problem for some people, because they may not know where to look, what to choose, and most importantly, how to overcome their embarrassment in asking for what they want. The Internet can help you with almost all these questions. You can find online shops as well as ideas about what to purchase; you can look through a host of options; and as for the embarrassment part, you wouldnt know where it has gone.

While purchasing your costume, satisfy your wildest dreams, but make sure it would suit your partner as much as it does you. The quality of the material that you buy could be as important as the ideas that you have put into the selection of the item. Dont settle for cheap material or poor quality.

Match the costume and the setting to your mood

Thats important. You have match all the three your mood (and your partners), the costume and the setting. Select the costume that would reflect your mood, otherwise you would end up playing a role that is out of tune with your self, and end up spoiling, or at least reducing, the fun. Similarly, try to match the setting. Theres nothing wrong with wearing a maids dress in your bedroom, but its going to be much more exciting if you are in the kitchen. Theres no hard and fast rule try and figure out what would work out best for you.

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