By: Capri Rose

There was a time that pajamas were only worn in the bedroom. The individual will have to change into something else when a visitor will drop by the house or put it over a robe before going downstairs.

Those days are gone now since sleepwear these days are now considered to be a fashion statement. How? By mixing the top or bottom of the pajamas with jeans or a jacket especially if the individual has to drive out into the middle of the night or early evening to buy some medicine at the drugstore.

An example is a camisole that is known as a sleeveless top. Since the weather may too warm outside, some women wear this with trousers or jeans then slip on a blazer and use this to go to work.

Outside the office, women can take it off then show those toned arms while partying the night away.

Some people think that every American has a nice set of breasts. This is not true since there are those who are flat chested and need to wear a chic bustier for better cleavage. THis can be worn under a denim shirt and jeans when going out into the mall to do a little shopping.

Not all the pajama tops are sleeveless. There is the novelty versions that come in sets. This can also be patterned with jeans or jogging pants that will look great when going out for a morning stroll near the house or by the beach.

Men on the other hand may use this to play basketball with friends or while working out in the gym. Some even this as an undershirt to work or wear it just the way it is when doing some chores in the house or going around the mall.

Most of the bottoms for sleepwear use garter to hold it at the waist so it will not fall off. Since this isnt that secure anymore after some time, fashion designers have made drawstring ones. Consumer reports have shown that women and men use this quite often.

The males can wear a casual shirt or a polo on top and this can be used not only on the beach. Females on the other hand look great with the drawstring pants with some casual loungewear at the store.

There are two kinds of drawstring pants. The first is made using thin fabric like linen that is very light and cool when it is worn. When the weather is cold and the person needs to keep warm underneath, this is the time that something thicker is needed such as flannel.

Men are known to wear boxers at home. Some have replaced the briefs with this since it is more comfortable to wear even when going out. Fashion designers have also come up with a similar collection for women that can be used in the bedroom and for those who want to take it outdoors.

Those who want to try something new can visit the favorite retail outlet and try something new. If the store doesnt have it, perhaps the right sleepwear can be found there.

People should remember that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to making a fashion statement. After all, this is an expression of ones individuality and if others like it, then that person started a trend.

About the author:

Capri Rose is a freelance fashion writer and former fashion editor based in New York and London and now designs chic, sophisticated pajamas and sleepwear in modern and retro prints. Check them out at

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