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Bikinis and beach are two b's that are not exclusively for women only. They are also for men who want to enjoy the cool waters of the beach, while flaunting thier sexy six-pack abs and lean arms. Men, like women, desire to be noticed by people for their cute bikinis and trunks that accentuate their masculine bodies. For this, various designs of swim wear for men are created and are very much available from all shops. If you will notice, some cuts of men's bikinis are similar to the cut of women's swim suit. In fact, according to the history of men's swim wear, men's bikinis are not very original and there were instances wherein the swim wear design for men and women looked similar.

Did you know? Men's swim wear has undergone a long line of evolution before it reached its modern day trunks and thongs. In spite of the similarities of men and women's swim wears today, men's swim wear tried to separate itself from the feminine swim wear styles. This was done by designing a swim wear that was opposite of the women's swim suit. If the purpose of women's swim wear is to show curves, men's swim wear shows male power through solidity and box-type swim suits. Who would have thought that battle of the sexes is also apparent in swim wear?

In the late 1800's, men's swim wear was the skivvies until the first-ever Jantzen suit was invented. The said suit posed problems for men since a Jantzen suit weighs at least nine pounds. Also, there'a tendency for the suit to fall down while swimming. Needless to say, wearing *Jantzen suit* made it very difficult for men to enjoy swimming. Meanwhile, new improvements on men's swim wear can be detected in the 1900's. This was triggered by Bathing Suit Regulations, which came out in May 17, 1917. During this era, men and women were not allowed to wear swim suits that were too revealing. Men were even required to wear skirts and shorts up to their knees, which they had to wear over their trunks. However, the invention of speed suits removed the need for skirts over the swim trunks. Speed suit was a creation of mills into knitting business. It is a one-piece sleeveless suit that featured built-in shorts.

The pinnacle for men's swim wear happened when lastex arrived in the swim wear scene. Lastex is a rubber material, which makes swim suits stretchable. People, at that time, referred to the material as a "miracle fiber." For it can make men's bodies look like Johnny Bravo's, even if the guys are fat. The tight suits made men look mascular.Men liked this suit not only because they can proudly show their manhood, but also it's comfortable to wear.

In the early 1920's, the notion of nudity was being accepted by society as times were changing. Men wanted to parade their chests when they are wearing their swim wear. The problem was, society did not allow body exposures. Thankfully, a convertible suit was invented. This was also similar to speed suits except that it has a zipper. The zipper can be detached if the person wants to expose his chest. This was followed by man's topper, which was a suit with belt, zipper and a y-shaped design on the back. This was very popular for it gave men an option to show or not to show their chests.

In 1933, B.V.D company, a swim suit company hired Olympic swimmer Johnny Weismuller to propagate their own swim suit line. His advertisement made people to accept very low cut armholes for men's swim wear. France was the first country to use this one-piece modern day trunks. During that time, America was still in the middle ages of swim wear, since American men still wore two-piece swimsuits. By 1937, baring one's chest was allowed in society. Over the years, wearing of short shorts for swimming became the standard outfit for men in the beach. This was made possible by a large acceptance of seeing topless men at the beach. Prints and colorful fabrics were introduced to men's bikinis to give it more style and color. Basically, men's bikinis maintain to be boxer, trunks, and briefs type of bikinis this is very much unlike women's swim wear that had various styles, designs, and colors.

One of the popular men's bikinis today is Dietz 'Bondi' Bikini. It is a brief style bikini that has a "front contoured pouch." This bikini comes in three colors black and yellow, navy blue and yellow and black and red. It has a thin colored vertical line in the front that gives men dimension, fit and style. The best thing about this bikini is men can do strenuous beach activities without worrying that their bikinis could be rip off in any second.

Another good bikini for men is Brazil bikini for men, which is one hundred percent nylon Lycra that is best for doing beach activities. The back of this bikini is in thong style, which will definitely heighten the gluteus maximum. Brazil bikini could make men fashionable without losing their masculine appearance. It is perfect to show all those to-die-for muscles that girls swoon over.

Ages ago men, were suffering because they were made to wear swim wear that weren't comfortable as well as sexy. But nowadays, men can be sexy with style since special bikinis are designed for them.

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