By: Patricia Taylor

Adding contemporary bed linen is the perfect start to breathing new life into your bedrooms. You have exciting choices.

Take a look first at contemporary bed linen. You'll find that it is now available in the finest quality 100% Easy Care Percale Poly Cotton and a 200 Thread Count balancing quality with value.

Who wants to iron sheets? That's why you should know that contemporary bed linen offers the comfort and luxury of Easy Care Poly Cotton without the high price. Don't you just love something at an affordable price that results in less work? Smooth and soft, this quality bed linen will provide years of comfort and elegance. It's easy to find such bed linen online.

Bed Linen - Machine Washable Among the top five features of contemporary bed linen is the fact that it is machine washable. Designer bed linens often need to be dry cleaned. There's no reason why every family home should have a couple designer bed linen sets put aside for special occasions. But for every day use keep it simple and keep it beautiful.

If your bed linen is purchased from a good online store, it is possible to find a contemporary bed linen set complete with a quality linen bed cover that will instantly bring a dramatic change to any bedroom.

I'll bet that you aren't aware that 2005 experienced bumper cotton crops according to the International Forum for Cotton Promotion. This means that today's contemporary bed linen sets can have a higher cotton content without a higher price. In other words... you can get the best for less!

Many home decorators are taking advantage of this when buying linen bed covers. You can now purchase sheet sets with an eye to durability, and then select designer linen bed covers without worrying about price.

Duvet Bed Covers One of the best bargains is found in duvet bed covers. Any room can achieve an elegant look with the right duvet bed cover. It is possible to purchase an exquisite, 100% Egyptian cotton, 600 thread count, duvet cover, for less than $100.00.

Sateen stripped or a rich damask can change the entire look and mood of a room, just by changing the duvet bed cover. Luxury bedding belongs in every room. The 280 thread count, Egyptian Cotton, duvet bed cover, is available online for $25.00. This is an incredible value.

The longer fibers in the Egyptian cotton increase the duvet bed cover's durability, without increasing the cost.

Linen bed covers are another way of offering a 100% cotton, lint free, machine washable, and bed cover for those times when a duvet isn't needed. They are comfortable and cozy, without the weight and bulk of a duvet.

Comforter Sets One of the best buys in contemporary bed linen is the comforter set. These sets are available in four, seven, nine, eleven, and fifteen pieces.

The fifteen piece sets are for those who feel lost when it comes to home decorating. They included everything from the linen bed covers, to pillows, dust ruffles, and even the curtains. This is an excellent choice for the family home.

A complete bedroom linen collection that includes extra sheets, good quality comforter set, a quality duvet bed cover, and a lighter linen bed cover for summer, will last most family bedrooms for several years.

Colors and Designs The contemporary bed linen designs are an excellent choice for any home. Their colors and designs are interchangeable with the design schemes in most homes.

It is possible to have one or two quality duvet bed covers, and use them in several rooms, regardless of the color schemes or pattern collections in the room.

A soft pastel color can last through several design changes in a room.

Colors like Ecru will fit with any of the current patterns, colors, and promise to fit perfectly with any new design in the future. Contemporary bed linens even grow with children.

A duvet bed cover that dresses up a children's bedroom is just as stylish when the child enters their teen years.

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