By: George Davidsberg

If you are like most home-owners, you want your dcor to be outstanding. One of the most important features you can concentrate on to make your home its most attractive is the right drapery treatment. Each home has its own particular dcor, but there are so many kinds of decoration to choose from. What should you consider before you choose the dcor and window treatments that will suit your home? First of all, you have to consider the room. Secondly, the size of the windows is an important factor, and third, you have to think about the type of mood you want to set in the room.

If you are decorating your children's room, you would not consider formal drapes, but rather fun, light and most important, washable curtains. In your formal reception area, such as the living room, you may want to consider a drapery style that is decorous and elegant. Heavy drapes with liners would be very appropriate here. In your family room or den, however you will want to stick with a simple tailored design and fabric that is easy to take care of.

Usually in a kitchen, one would choose a caf curtain or simple blinds or shades. You have to think about the use of the room before you can make any decisions about the style and material of the window coverings. Once that has been determined, you will have an easy time finding just the right material for your dcor. There are thousands of choices and combinations available. You will see simple, easy-care window treatments for children's rooms or family rooms to deluxe fabric and designs for your formal living room and dining room. You will be amazed at how putting the exact right drapes or curtains in a room can completely revitalize it and set a wonderful tone. If you are starting to do a complete redecorating project, one of the most important parts of it will be to determine the best window treatments; this will really finish off the project like nothing else.

You can choose between window covering treatments that are "out of a box", that is, everything is already set up for you, or you can pick and choose fabrics and styles for curtains, shades, etc., and create a custom look. If you are a seamstress, you can really save money by choosing beautiful designs at a fabric shop and making your own curtains and drapes. But if you are not handy with a sewing machine, you will still be able to find an incredible array of ready made curtains and other window treatments for any room to suit any taste and pocketbook. You can be sure that every room in your home will have the perfect window covering. In addition to the standard places to look, such as curtain stores and department stores, you can have an even wider choice if you shop on the web.

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