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Platinum is a metal that is white and pale silver in color. In its pure form, platinum is easy to form into a wide variety of shapes. Therefore it is being used to a great extent in many types of manufacturing industries.

Platinum also can be an incredible durable and strong metal. It is not affected by corrosion, which serves to further increases its in the market of metal products. Platinum has a history of being used for many centuries, by making a variety of products that include jewelry, dentistry instruments, and lab equipment.

The most common use of platinum is in the making of jewelry. The ancient Egyptians began using platinum for jewelry and since then many other cultures have followed in their footsteps. It wasn't until the 1800's, however, that the use of platinum for jewelry really caught on. It was at that time that the royal families in many countries started to wear platinum jewelry.

Two of the most famous pieces of jewelry use platinum: (1) the Hope Diamond, and (2) the Star of Africa. Platinum is one of the safest metals to use with exotic diamonds because the jewelry will last for a long time.

The use of platinum took a bit of a nose dive during World War II. It was at this time that the government of the United States decided that Platinum could only be used for government business. After this declaration, the use of platinum in jewelry stopped for some time.

Today, platinum is once again at the forefront of the jewelry business. It is commonly used as the base setting for diamonds and other precious gems. Platinum is more expensive to purchase that silver or gold and therefore is still not in the budget range of most people. However, for those that can afford platinum, it is an excellent choice since it's definitely a showpiece and will impressive anyone with its beauty.

Platinum is such a pure metal that people with some kind of skin allergies can also wear jewellery made out of Platinum. People with allergies also have a hope of wearing special pies of jewellery made out of platinum.

Caring for platinum is easy. You'll want to take as good care of your platinum jewelry as you can so that it continues to look as good as on the day that you first bought it. As with any other jewelry you'll want to take it off when you're working in conditions that may harm it, such as when you're working with chemicals of any kind. If you need to clean your rings, or other pieces of jewelry, all you need to do is soak them in mild solution of soap and water to remove any dirt and grime.

It will be hard to scratch your platinum jewelry but the possibility exists. When storing anything made from platinum you'll want to store it separately so that it doesn't rub up against other metals or hard surfaces.

With a liberal/ loose budget you can surely consider buying your next jewellery piece made in diamond. It will be good to have a few pieces of jewellery set in platinum because despite its cost it is durable and long lasting.

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