Jeans are one of the biggest fashion staples in womens closets today, but with the amazing amount of styles and cuts how do you get the best jean to fit your body? Actually, its not as hard as it seems, you just have to decide what body parts you want to hide and which ones you want to flaunt.

Longer and Leaner

If you want to have longer, leaner legs, listen up. First and foremost, never wear jeans with cuffs. Cuffs cut the leg off and stop the eye from flowing down to the foot. Next, use pin stripes to draw the eye all the way down, making your legs look like they go up to your neck. Colored piping on seams or fancy seams also elongate your legs by, once again, creating a long line for the eyes to follow. Always make sure jeans end at the part were your foot meets your leg, not your ankle. This way you add an extra inch to your legs, and an inch goes a long way! A slim cut jean will cling to your curves, thighs and legs making your legs look svelte instead of adding extra pounds with extra fabric.

Minimize that Butt

If youve got a little extra junk-in-the-trunk, dont fear! Big backsides are the easiest body flaw to fix. Never choose jeans with tiny back pockets - such as Wrangler. Tiny pockets look like they are being overwhelmed by the bottom wearing them. Another thing to watch out for is back pockets that are too far apart. The closer the pockets are, the less wide your bottom will seem. Make sure there are no horizontal seams that cross the butt or hips on your jeans, they draw the eyes outward, making your rear seem wider. You can also counter act a large bottom by wearing jeans with a flared or boot but leg. Flared legs balance out a larger derriere, keeping you from looking top heavy. Trouser type jeans dont cling to your bottom, camouflaging it by blending in with your legs. By also choosing a jean in a heavier fabric you minimize cling, and pantie lines.

Get a Butt

If you have no obvious curves in the bottom area that is easy to fix, too. Always make sure to wear form-fitting jeans such as Levis that taper to your leg to show off what you do have. Patch type back pockets will fill out what you dont have. Try wearing jeans with logos or designs on the back pockets. This will also add plump.

Conceal Hips

If you worry that you have big hips, you are not alone. This is a major complaint with women everywhere when buying jeans. If you take care, though, you can come out of the dressing room wearing jeans that take inches off lose curves.

The major thing you need to avoid is patch pockets or cargo type jeans. The fluffy pockets not only add inches to your hips, they also draw attention to them. Choose jeans with pockets that lay relatively flat so that your hips will have less bulky fabric on them. The wider the flair of your jeans cut the smaller your hips will look. Dont go overboard! Wide legs that are too long can make your leg look chunky, making you look chunky all over.

Hide Your Tummy

If you have a pooch, make sure to hide it, not draw attention to it. Simple is better. Avoid any flashy buttons or decorative belts, ties, or buckles. They draw extra attention to your waist area. Another thing that will highlight a bigger stomach is bad fit. Make sure your jeans have enough room in the crotch so that the zipper doesnt pull across your tummy and create a front" butt, such as Dockers.

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