Established in 1953 - Servet Semiz is the largest used textile machinery dealer in Turkey, with a commitment to provide a source for quality second hand textile machines at reasonable prices to its customers. Today, Servet Semiz is playing a leading role in the textile machinery world with over four decades of experience in buying, selling and evaluating used textile and garment machinery. Company pride itself on providing high quality used machinery to industries all over the globe. From almost forty years in trading, Servet Semiz has the experience and business integrity that you can rely on.

Server Semiz stock a wide-ranging selection of used machinery for the textiles industries, offering an appraisal service with accredited appraisers on staff. Being a best used textile machinery dealer, the company opt the attitude of doing it right. One thing that has made the company successful is the close relationship it has built with customers.

The company occupies a leading position in terms of world standards levels such as competitiveness, technology, cost, services and research and development.

Find out more how the company operates its successful business thru most amicable strategies.

Pre-buying analysis

The company sources for the good machineries through buyers and sellers around the globe. The process is then followed by analyzing and checking the condition of machinery. The expert engineers examine the details, capacity, model etc. The company does not finalize the deal unless and until the expert sees the machine in working condition in the factory.

If the machine is broken or not in working condition, they do not sell or buy. The criterion for buying machine is "Zero Reconditioning" for the machine. Usually they don't do any reconditioning.

Expertise in the engineering field

Servet Semiz ensures what it sells the best used textile and garment machines, because their expert engineer examines every aspect of the machines. They analyze the working condition and production capacity of each machine. Engineers take care of the machinery and give time to time service to sustain the machinery in the running and good condition.

On Selling

If the pictures and information are not enough for their customers, they can see the machineries while they are working in the factory. When they decide to buy, dismantling and transportation belong to the buyers. Since the machine is delivered in working and good condition, so the company do not give any guarantee service or other services for the sold machines.

Customer Service

Server Semiz offers high level of customer service. Their knowledgeable sales staff, professional mechanics, and hydraulic and electrical specialists have the training to ensure your satisfaction from inquiry through delivery. The company provides an accurate and straightforward machinery purchase experience. Your satisfaction is company's first priority.



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