By: Ammonkia Sen

Heres a quick test to find out if you are becoming a style junkie...

Do you sport at least five high-end fashion labels on a daily basis?

Do you need an excuse to go shopping for clothes?

Are you in awe of anything that sounds like Prada?

Do beauty counter salesgirls go ecstatic when they see you approaching?

If you answered even one of these questions in the affirmative, you are a junkie already. But dont despair, its not a problem, as long as you make the right choices, have good taste and can afford it.

Heres the lowdown on how to be a smart style junkie this year:

All for a label:

Big brands are good, but not always the best option for everyone. The smartest style junkies make sure that they make an effort to find the funkiest vintage clothes, the latest chic and cheap accessories and the slickest shoes. It will mean hours of searching alleys and bylanes for the best bargains, but will be worth every minute of the effort. If you do want to splurge on a label, choose one or two items that will speak f r themselves, like a classic handbag or a swanky pair of shoes. Otherwise wear clothes that are stylish and not terribly expensive.
When in doubt, buy it: Dithering over buying an outfit? If it is affordable, it is best to buy it, because when you go and look for the same outfit the second time around, it will not be available. This is especially true when you are looking for bargains in bylanes or at huge malls where merchandise moves rapidly. A smart style junkie will, however, take time to do a survey of everything available, before buying anything.

Buy good shoes:

Whatever else you might scrimp and save on, dont settle for anything but the best when it comes to footwear. A cheap pair of sandals might look good for a while, but can hurt your feet unbearably. Many women combat this hurdle by wearing comfortable footwear on the streets and changing into stylish ones in the office or for a social event. It might mean some extra luggage to carry around, but your feet are worth the TLC.
Find a good tailor: Its easy to buy prt or pick up clothes from different places, but the secret lies in the fit. Even the most expensive clothes might require some tweaking. A good tailor is a rare find but scout around till you find one. Just shortening a kurta or tightening a blouse can work wonders for your image.

Dont get predictable:

Being style savvy is also about mystery, which means no-one should be sure of what youll turn up in next. If you prefer to be bohemian, take a break and turn classic for a day. Love ethnic chic? Go all-out western. It will mean revamping parts of your wardrobe, but just choosing your look for the day can make life exciting.

Shop for an entire ensemble:

A style junkie, works on the complete look of an outfit. It might mean buying the right pair of shoes to match, or a set of beads to complete an ensemble and keep some accessories ready for certain clothes in your wardrobe. Even when you go sari shopping, go the reverse way buy a fine piece of jewellery or an exciting blouse and then hunt for a sari to match.

Its easy to be a smart shopper and being addicted to fashion can only make the job more pleasurable. Style is a lot about making the right choices in the best possible way.

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