By: Anna Faunce

Many people today are finding comfort from nature and enjoy the feeling of having their home surrounded by items made of natural materials. There are many natural fiber rugs available today made from seagrass, bamboo, coir, hemp, jute, mountain grass, sisal, wool and paper. Each is unique and has its uses throughout your home and is a great alternative to synthetic carpeting which depends on the oil industry.

This article will concentrate on the seagrass rugs as one of your natural material area rug choices.

What is Seagrass?

Seagrass is a salt marsh grass grown in paddy fields where a flooding of sea water is needed during the crops cycle. Seagrass reeds are thick and rigid and are non-porous and smooth to the touch. After harvesting, the long reeds are dried and spun into yarns. These yarns are then woven into a variety of designs which produce a smooth broadloom with a long lasting finish. Seagrass is never dyed and comes in its natural color, which has a natural sheen and greenish sage tint that becomes brown with age. Depending on harvest conditions they also may carry a hay like scent which dissipates over time. Because of their texture and color variations in the weave no two seagrass rugs are the same.

Seagrass Rugs

Seagrass rugs are made of natural fibers and are one of the most inexpensive and versatile of all the natural floor coverings available today. Seagrass rugs are strong, withstand heavy traffic, durable, resilient, stain resistant and are also low dust and allergy free. Because of the light colored, mottled variegated appearance it hides most dirt well.

Seagrass rugs are recommended for indoor use only. They are not recommended for bathrooms, kitchens, basements or any other damp and humid area as they can be susceptible to mold and mildew.

Because seagrass rugs are made of non-porous fibers and a naturally smooth surface they are relatively non-absorbent and hard surface they are stain resistant and dirt easily brushes loose from them.

If you have pets, kids, and/or a heavily trafficked area to cover seagrass rugs are the recommended choice more than any other natural material area rug.

Seagrass rugs can last from 5 to 15 years depending on where it is used, the amount of traffic, it's exposure to high moisture, spills, and nasty stains.

Seagrass Bindings and Backings Seagrass rugs usually come with a natural latex backing that will keep your rug from slipping so a pad is not needed. But should you wish for additional cushioning or more protection for your floor underneath a rug pad can be used.

Bindings come in many different widths, patterns and materials. These bindings will add the personal touch to bring any room together. Some of the basic bindings to choice from are herringbone cottons, textured linen, jute, wool, chenille, leather and suede. Some prefer to have a binding that is as close to the natural color of the rug.

The width of the binding usually comes in one two or three inches. This gives you the option of deciding on how much of the binding you want to enhance the color schemes in your room.