By: Feilong Hua

Whether you are a beginner or a hardcore experienced Knitter there are plenty of resources available, both Offline and on the Internet. You will find many classes in your local area that give you an opportunity to meet other knitters with the same interests. This is a great way to exchange patterns and or maybe find a source for the wool you are searching for.

For the beginner knitter it is important that they start out with a simple knitting pattern that is going to be easy enough for them to start to learn the basic knitting stitches which are the backbone of most other knitting stitches. There are many books that can be purchased both on the Internet, at a local bookstore, or a knitting store that will give the beginner a good place to start. Once the beginner knitter gains confidence with the basic knit and pearl stitches they will want to move on to a more complex pattern, increasing the complexity of their projects with every item that they complete.

The experienced knitter's challenge is to find the right patterns and the right wool to go with it. The Internet offers patterns for the experienced knitter, as well as your local knitting store. In fact, knitting stores may the best place for most knitters to find patterns. The right wool is just as important so that the look and feel of the finished product is perfect -- not too loose or too tight.

The more experienced a knitter is the more complex and varied their knitting patterns will be. This means having the right wool, the right knitting needles, and a pattern that is easily read and understood. Buying wool online is a great way to find different kinds of wool. The selection is endless and half the fun of planning a new knitting project is deciding on the right wool in the right color. An experienced knitter may want to find knitting patterns that offer intarsia, which is knitting in different colors in blocks, each with their own bobbin of color. This is a challenging and interesting way to create knitted garments that are multicolored.

The experienced knitter will want to have a variety of knitting needles and other knitting tools at their disposal. Other knitting tools include bobbins, stitch holders, and stitch markers.

As a beginner knitter attempts more and more knitting projects they will start to build up their collection of knitting needles sizes as well as scrap wool. Scrap wool is great for creating scarves at a later date. No matter what level a knitter is at there is plenty of information both on the Internet and offline to keep them interested and busy for years to come.

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