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If you have been eyeing a fur coat lately with a price tag that does not fit into your budget, you may want to consider looking at a faux fur coat instead. Not only is faux fur made to feel just like the real thing (without costing the life of any animal), it also keeps you just as warm-- and with a much smaller price tag.

Faux fur is made from modacrylic fibers that are shaped and designed to look and feel like real fur. Faux fur garments come in a variety of styles and the fur itself can easily mimic that of almost any type of animal. It's important to remember that buying faux fur doesn't imply a compromise in quality-- just a reduction in price. When shopping for a good artificial fur garment, there are a few things you must look out for. It's a good idea to start your hunt for the perfect faux fur garment with the following points in mind.

1) Quality

Quality should never be compromised. When you're buying a man-made product that is designed to look and feel like a natural material, you need to be sure of quality before you make your purchase. A low-quality garment will simply not have to look and feel you are looking for. There are several ways you can check the quality of a faux fur item. When buying your garment, check first for shedding. A faux fur garment with a high amount of shedding is a sign of a low-quality item. Another way to evaluate the quality of an item is to check the seams. If any seams look loose or are coming undone, it's not a good idea to purchase that item. Last but not least, you can often predict the quality of an item by where you purchase it. If a particular store is known for having high standards of quality, it is a safe bet that any faux fur products in their stock will be held to those same standards.

2) Price

Faux fur may not be genuine animal fur, but you still have to be willing to pay higher prices for higher-quality items. Be prepared to pay between $250 to $300 for a full-length coat, $130 to $200 for a three-quarter length coat, or $99 to $120 for a jacket. You may also see some faux fur coats of $300 and upwards, but if you are not looking to spend more than the prices listed above, you won't be sacrificing much in the way of quality.

Fur lovers who are not looking to purchase in a full-length coat may want to consider a waist-length jacket. It is easier to give an impression of authenticity with a solid-colored faux fur jacket than with a full-length coat. A younger buyer may want to go with this option because of its chic, more causal appearance. This style often separates the younger people who wear faux fur from the older crowd, which often enjoys the sophistication of a full-length coat.

There is almost always an age gap when it comes to fashion, but if you're looking for something in addition to or instead of a faux fur coat, there is one item that has no age bias. This item is an ankle-length show stopper: the broomstick skirt. This classic piece can be tied together with a tank top shirt and denim jacket, or a long sleeve peasant top and pair of ankle boots. This skirt received its name from its lightweight crinkly material which, when in motion, almost gives the impression of a broom sweeping across the floor. A broomstick skirt is especially fun when going out to dance. It is full of charm and femininity, swishing and swaying at even the slightest hint of movement from the wearer.

The broomstick skirt is a perfect garment for women of almost any size; it is flattering on almost every body shape or height. It hugs the natural curves of the waist and hips and flares outward around the thighs. If paired correctly, it can also create a slimming effect by taking attention away from trouble spots around the thigh and hip area. The broomstick skirt is an essential part of every woman's wardrobe.

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