For the world-class results in corporate environment, you have to build an enhanced team to face the challenges in a world of cut-throat competition. In current scenario, high competitiveness is found in all businesses, so it is essential to focus on best activity of team building. It has been witnessed that joint efforts has always attained and generated better results.

If the team is appropriately trained, then teamwork will positively get triumph in all the industry functions. Winning team synergistically harness their members' talents and energy, to make 1 plus 1 equals to at least 3 (or often much more). In short, when a team is working well, the total is far greater than the sum of its parts.

To achieve a common goal of success, it is mandatory to adapt such process. It is fact that team-building activity has to be conducted for increasing the skills of team members and to sharpen their communication ability.

At every place of working, usually people discuss about team building, experiencing as a team member etc. However, very few are there who know about creating better team work experience or how to make-out productive. Being a member of a team is just part of something biggest than an individual. Team building is much to do with knowing of the company's objectives or goals.

In a team oriented atmosphere, an individual contributes to the whole success of the company, and works with other team members to attain the objectives. Although an individual is concerned with a specific task and to a particular department, he has to unify with other team members from different departments to achieve overall targets.

One has to find out overall functions of teamwork since the task of creating an enhanced team to achieve a specific target. If the team enhancement actions are not matching up to the set target, then self-analysis would be helpful to tell you "why"?

Following are few vital tips to make successful team building, which develops focused and effective work teams.

Obvious Expectations

The leader should clearly convey message to the team members regarding the organizations/company expectations. Make sure that the team members understand what intension behind creating a team is. The leader should give significance to the work of the team as a priority in terms of the talks, time, notice and attention.


The members are supposed to be acknowledged about their participation in the team. The team members should be let known how the team will help out the company to achieve set targets. Make sure that the team understands where its role fits in the entire context of the company's vision, goals and values.


Make out whether each member is interested in participating in the team work and consider the significance of teams' mission. All members should be committed to accomplishing the mission and anticipated outcomes and perceive their service as valuable to the organization. Find out whether the team members expect any award for their contributions and anticipates their skill to grow on the team or not?


The team should include appropriate people in participation, and are knowledgeable, skilled and capable to face the issues for which the team has been created. The team ought to have appropriate resources, initiatives and support required to attain its goal.

Organizing and Fixing Limits

The management should empower the team to feel the authority required to accomplish its charter. Meanwhile, the team members are expected to understand their limitations clearly in following the solutions.

Make out the best about co-member

Team members often do and say things with other member disagree or don't understand. In such incidents, it is better to assume that their intensions are affirmative for team and their actions are to attain the set targets. It is always recommended to ask for clarification on the subject that is not understood, to avoid clashes inside the team members.

Patience and urgency sense

Teams sometimes require more time to get started. Individuals of the team might not get on move following an idea or decision as fast as others, so have patience provide them some breathing space, keeping the deadline in mind - and move forward to complete the task.

Time planning for meetings

To uphold the productivity of team, it requires more time planning for meetings. Meetings consume time, money, physical and mental energy. Raise the return on that investment via clear objectives and meeting plans - and by acknowledging everyone about the agenda of the meeting prior to the meet.

Ask and accept help

Be ready to ask for help on a specific decision or task. Don't be egoistic when help is offered - allow people to support. It will result in creating in better relationships and help out the team to succeed rapidly.


Share your views, ideas, experiences and thoughts with other team members. Sharing is significant to a team development. A team is only just a compilation of individuals without the readiness to contribute. Also, after accomplishment of task, share the success, awards and praises as well.

Don't blame - Fix problem

Problems will arise; take them as a means to evaluate progress and as a chance for knowledge, instead as an opportunity to accuse others. Let the situation pass and concentrate the team's skills upfront, not on the problem.

Assign right people

Team occasionally requires external expertise and help to move further. Don't wait, go for it, and assign right people to make decisions and appropriate people to comply those decisions.

Find out in which team you are participating:

Negative Evaluation

For each group which you belong, answer yes or no.

. In meetings, there is ample of talks, but little hearing.
. Employees over and over again undergo depressed and discouraged.
. Low apprehension is shown for the views of colleague.
. There is no shared or little understanding of targets, problems, acts, functions or outcomes.
. Members are inclined to lock up themselves the jobs.
. The person in charge is found as an issuer of laws and distributor of regulation.
. Strategies, rules and regulations are utilized to control employees.
. Work profile is assigned without considering an ability of individual.
. Members don't help out each other with the required resources or support.
. Less or no individual or team enhancement is provided from outside or inside the group.
. Supervision is dominated by the head.
. The team is little organized.

If, you have answered YES at least, it's likely that this group isn't capable now of achieving world-class results. But if a group lacks negative characteristics in this evaluation, you have the right to be proud, however, don't forget share your perceptions with others in your team.

Positive Evaluation

As before, each group on which you serve as member or leader, mark yes or no:

. Individuals are dedicated to the affirmative result of the team.
. Faith, transparency and sincerity are significant attributes.
. Headship is shared with other members considering leadership roles as their skill indicates.
. Members appreciate the entire system of the workgroup.
. Brawny internal help and assistance exist among members.
. The team frequently reviews its task to implement continual enhancement.
. Flexibility permits the team to face new challenges.
. Members are acknowledged about team actions, troubles and happenings.
. Members vigorously take part in meetings and share leadership.
. Differences of view are candidly discussed.
. Members know the 'things to do' on the team.
. The team has intelligence of pride in its happenings and in association.

If you checked YES 10 or more times, congratulations! Your team is either world-class now or is quickly moving towards it. But again, make sure that your perceptions are shared by others in your team.

Spare time and focus on above tips to ensure teams contribute most effectively to the business. Make your mind up to take the suitable action based on that willpower and you will be taking affirmative step towards highly effective teamwork.