By: Glen B. Porter

Culottes were undoubtedly one of the most sought after fashions of the sixties and seventies. A lot of active housewives loved them for their versatility. It was the movement, look, and dressiness of a longer skirt with the modesty of pants. Not only could you drop little Jane off at school in it, but also attend an exercise class, run errands, and all without changing your clothes or worrying about revealing too much because culottes kept everything covered at the same time making the wearer of the culottes look a little more "put together" than if she wore say for instance a sweat suit or jeans and a t-shirt. For sure, culottes had a more dressy quality.

This trend by the eighties had cooled significantly and this shorter version of pants was rather seen as a dated look. In fact a number of women were afraid to wear culottes because of the stigma attached to them. Culottes were seen as a"courageous" fashion choice. For those women who wore culottes were seen perceived as rather frumpy. Women whose styles were still stuck in the sixties and seventies sported them. While for most women for a long time wanted nothing to do with culottes.

For sure, designers don't really like to let any out dated style rest in peace. For any older style, a designer most certainly have the ability to resurrect that style. In time every style is brought back by someone who romanticizes that era. Likewise this was the case with culottes.

The only hitch was to think if a name to call them so women would not only look at them but also buy them without prejudice. One suggested a new name as well as a new updated style for culottes called a skort. As a replacement for a longer divided skirt that ends in the middle of a ladies leg, an unflattering length for most women, it was altered to a shorter length and looked similar to a mini skirt but with shorts underneath, so it made movement possible without being immodest.

The skorts were a big hit and ladies absolutely loved it! A bold fashionable choice that jointly combined modesty, sexiness, and style all in one. What's even better is that ladies can sport skorts shorter than they would ever dare to with a skirt. Nowadays women wear skorts just as ladies in the past times before us wore culottes. They are able to run errands, go to church, as well as do a little light gardening all while looking great but everything that should be covered is. This new fashion staple makes an appealing outfit for summer gathering where one wants to dress up but still feel cool instead of overheated.

Today culottes can be one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in your closet. Simply strut a pair of black culottes with a t-shirt and sandals for those more casual gatherings or switch to a dressier type of blouse and shoes for a more formal occasion and no one will be the wiser. You definitely need to give the culottes a chance in your closet today; for sure you won't be sorry you did.

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