Every expecting mother - and some fathers, too - enjoys picking out baby clothes. As you browse through all of the selections available, you dream of cradling your soft and warm bundle of joy close to you while staring adoringly into his or her eyes. But, when it comes to selecting infant clothes, there are a few things you need to be aware of in order to keep your baby safe and comfortable.

Ease of Use

As a parent, you definitely want to be sure the baby clothes you pick out are easy to use. There is nothing more frustrating than chasing little legs and arms and trying to force them into infant clothes that simply are not baby-friendly. Worse yet, once you manage to get the clothes securely in place, your baby manages to wiggle free and you have to start the entire process over again. Not only is this time-consuming and difficult for you, it is not much fun for your baby either.

With our baby sleep suits for boys and girls, you won't have to worry about it. Complete with cute little designs and sayings, our sleep suits contain leg poppers to make dressing easy. The envelope necks also make them easy to slip on and off your baby and provide him or her with plenty of room to move in comfort. Something that will make you and your baby both happy.

The Ability to Stay Put

Baby clothes can be difficult to keep on an infant. Their bodies simply aren't shaped to hold on clothes in the way clothes fit on adults. They are round and pudgy without hips to help hold their pants on. In addition, their constant movement often causes shirts to ride up and expose their little bellies. For this reason, bodysuits and romper suits can often be a great choice when it comes to infant clothes, particularly in the winter time when you want them to stay put in order to keep your baby warm.

Keeping Clean

Everyone knows that baby's are not exactly clean. Therefore, you want to find t-shirts and long sleeve shirts that are easy to wash and stain resistant, while still being comfortable to your baby. Therefore, baby clothes made of cotton are often the best choice.

Of course, no shirt is able to fend off all of the stains your baby will encounter, making a bib a good idea. We have many adorable designs to choose from and they all come with extra padding to ensure fluids don't soak through and ruin your infant clothes. After a quick wash and a press, the bibs will look good as new.

Staying Safe

Safety is, above all else, the number one priority when it comes to infant clothes. Therefore, all of our baby clothes are created with safety in mind first. The bibs are made with Velcro latches, which are strong enough to keep them in place on your baby but are still able to detach easily in order to prevent choking in case of an accident.

Our night wear, is safe, as well. You will never have to worry about any of these nighttime baby clothes becoming tangled around your baby or causing any safety problems at night. This is a fact that will allow both you and your baby to get a good night's rest every night.

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