By: Edward M. Brancheau

The easy answer to this question is yes, and no and perhaps. well, perhaps it is not such an easy answer because it is an especially packed question. The subject of software outsourcing is an extremely delicate issue for many people. There are many who maintain that software outsourcing, whether it is overseas or domestic, is taking jobs away from skilled men and women while others who are profiting from software outsourcing are firm advocates for the procedure. This article will take a look at software outsourcing and will research scenarios when quality is compromised as well as scenarios when quality is not compromised.

What Is Software Outsourcing?

For those who are confused about what software outsourcing entails, this segment will clear up the issue. In its most fundamental form, software outsourcing is employing a person outside of the labor organization to execute certain tasks for monetary payment. Software outsourcing can be performed on a per project basis, for a set span of time or on a continuing basis for an indeterminate length of time.

For many people the word software outsourcing has an entirely negative connotation. When they think of software outsourcing, they invision underage employees in third world countries slaving for salaries which would be meager by our judgment. Regardless, software outsourcing has evolved so immensely and no longer resembles this stereotype. In reality most software outsourcing takes place domestically by savvy entrepreneurs who market their abilities as an independent contractor rather than toiling away in corporate America. These men and women, relish their quality of life, negotiate equitable compensation for their work and accept or refuse work at their own desire. In addition these people are frequently immensely experienced for the positions they accept and are capable of producing work of a high standard.

When Software Outsourcing Compromises Quality

The simplest response to this question is quality is compromised when price becomes the only governing factor in selecting a prospective candidate to complete the outsourced work. Of course this answer is not totally correct because the fact is there are highly knowledgeable and skilled employees overseas who are perfectly capable of accomplishing tasks just as sufficiently as those living in this nation and frequently for a fraction of the price. That said, when only domestic candidates are being considered and price is the main factor, quality is commonly compromised as it is quite rare that the most talented prospect is also the prospect with the lowest rates.

Even so, it is very normal for an individual or a company to allow price to become more important than quality of work. When this happens quality is usually compromised for the sake of a larger profit. An instance of this is seen daily on websites where software outsourcing projects are listed and possible applicants submit their bids for these projects. Many people who use these websites commonly choose the lowest bidder without regard for the qualifications of the bidder. In most cases these individuals discover they make a costly error when the work they receive is inadequate.

When Software Outsourcing Does Not Compromise Quality

Software outsourcing does not always compromise quality. In actuality in many cases software outsourcing is not only the most affordable option but also provides the top experienced candidates. One way to elude the pitfalls of having quality compromised by software outsourcing is to carefully screen candidates prior to making a choice. This process should be taken just as critically as hiring a full time employee because the work of the individual will reflect on you as an individual or your company. If due diligence is given to selecting the proper candidate it is not probable that quality will be compromised.

When software outsourcing work to an individual it is vitally important to demand detailed information concerning their qualifications and to certify all information supplied. Examples of information to demand include:

-- Prior work history

-- Applicable work experiences

-- Explanation of qualifications

Moreover, it is wise to ask for both business and personal references. These references should all be contacted and questioned about the work ethic and personal integrity of the individual.

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