Ages ago, it was common belief that infants or babies that range from five months to three years old were not allowed to swim. The body of an infant is not strong enough for this type of activity or sport. In addition, infants don't know how to swim and there's a tendency that they may drown. Usually, parents with infants and kids never allow their kids to touch the tip of the water. There was a notion that the kids my suffer fever or colds if there's prolonged exposure to the pool or water.

But in the 1990's and 2000's, swimming became a *recreational activity* highly recommended for pregnant mothers and for infants when researches about its benefits were discovered. As early as five months old, an infant can hit the swimming pool and beach, but parents are required to guide and watch over their little angels. At the advent of this discovery comes the swim swear industry for infants. Like bikinis for kids, there is a booming business in the infant's swim suit department as more and more parents are open on the idea of swimming for infants.

Accordingly, the advantges of swimming for kids are heightened intelligence and perceptual capabilities, as well as emotional, social, and physical growth. Swimming at an early age can implant a love for water sports in the infant's heart. In fact, it does take away a child's fear of water. Swimming is also a good opportunity for both parents and baby to bond with one another. This can provide a lasting friendship or relationship between parents and child. Swimming also has health benefits. It can make the child's lungs stronger as he gets old and improve his patterns of sleep. With these cool benefits, mothers should hurry up and go to the nearest boutique shops and avail the latest fashion in infants' swim suits.

One of the recommended swim suits today is Pink Seahorse Swimsuit by Le Top, which is made of cotton and spandex, bringing your baby girl comfort and support as she faces the water. The material is form-fitting as it has an adjustable garter on both sides. Thus, the suit won't sag when immersed in water. The seahorse design is also cute and animated that will make your child cuddlier and more adorable. The color pink in your child's body will make her look feminine without losing her youthful appearance. The negative thing though about this swimsuit is that the garters on the side might sag after a few years. However, I like the fabric of the swim suit very much since it's easy to wash and suitable for the a child's body. This one piece bathing suit is practical for kids who are learning how to swim. It's stylish and equally comfortable to wear.

For infant boys, they should try to wear My Pool Pal - Infant Baby Boys Flotation Swimsuit because it's a floating suit highly practical for infants. This is really a swim suit genius for it combines two swimming objects into one -- a float gear and a swim wear. Now, parents don't have to fear their infants drowning with this suit on. It comes in royal and aqua colors with safari prints that will definitely make your child stand out from the rest. This suit has foams in both front and back to form balance and it's made of eighty-five percent nylon and fifteen percent spandex. The best thing about the swim suit is it has good material that will not irritate your son while swimming.

Since there are foams, it will help your son to float in the waters. But be warned that you should always be on guard since the foam alone is not good support. In fact, the drawback of this suit is that it's not approved by coast guard, which suggests that it's not a good swim wear for a child to use in a beach. There's a tendency that your son will stumble or be carried by the wind in the beach or in the swimming pool. It is stylish and practical, except that you have to be alert and always on guard when your infant is wearing this suit.

Swimming is really a nice way for parents and child to share their love with one another as they explore the soothing world of waters via beach or swimming pool. They can also try other sports such as basketball and the *elitist sport tennis*.

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