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When women started to wear men's clothes to prove that they are equal with men, that they are not inferior and can do the same job men do. It is a part of emancipation - women started to vote, earn money, and occupy important positions. Clothing was only a part of such process. Very painful process for women pioneers who were first to put on pants and jackets. Most of us probably do not realize what price did those women pay to change opinion of society and be able to wear men's clothes.

They paid a high price so that women of twenty first century can wear pants, drive cars, vote, work in police or a big corporation, simply express their opinions, and not be regarded with prejudice. There is big ideology behind females wearing men's pants and shirts.

What ideology would be behind males wearing skirts? If those men are not Irish and not homosexual, what point would they want to prove? Do men consider that women have more rights then men? After all, ladies today are allowed to wear all kinds all clothes and men - only men's cloth. I think if a man want to wear a dress or a skirt, he thinks that women have to many rights and that they are not supposed to be better then men in any way, they are not supposed to wear better clothes then men.

Women had to wear men's clothing in order to occupy the same jobs - to be a bodyguard, to work in police or serve in the army. There is not only ideology, but simple necessity for women to wear male clothes. There is nor ideology, neither necessity for men to wear women's clothes. The only possible reason would be for them to say that they do not women to be even a step before men in anything. But that would not be fair since men still definitely have more rights and privileges. Women always have to prove something in order to show that they are not worse. Men have enough benefits in our society. Why do they want to have one more? Is it because they are afraid to lose their championship in gender relations?

I definitely would not want my husband to wear women's clothing. I am not a feminist, but I am for equal rights for men and women. I want my husband to treat me fairly. I do not want to prove him every single day that women are not inferior to men.

Men do not have to stay at home raising children. They are excused for devoting more time to themselves and their career than to home and family. In our society, men are allowed to do much more things than women and they are easier excused for cheating, betrayal, and unusual preferences. They have enough rights and enough freedom. And to grant them one more right, even such seemingly unimportant, as wearing female's clothing, would be not fear regarding women. As an equal and fair society , we are supposed to move towards greater equality between men and women. And allowing men to wear women's clothing is a step definitely not in this direction.

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