By: Phoenix Lindbergh

It was only recently that I've discovered a teeming supply of leather apparel deliberately designed for the warmer months of the year. At first, I was baffled; how could anyone in their right mind subject themselves freely in such an agonizing situation? I'm not an expert on the material and my affinity for it only goes as far as being able to tell if it's real or synthetic but isn't it common knowledge that leather is not ideal for hot weather? Shortly after convincing myself that I was making a lot of sense, a cloud of doubt hovered above me. I could be wrong; in a world full of endless possibilities, leather can be a summer thing now. True enough, after much net surfing, it hit me right in the face. Steamy leather swim wear -- probably the most provocative head-turning swimsuits around.

Although a far cry from the usual patent leather bags, designer leather shoes, and other cow skin accessories, the bikini has earned it's place next to its leather contemporaries. What used to be an inconceivable swim wear option is now the talk amongst beach folk and a hit on the international fashion runway. The Tassel Island Bikini from the Leather Bikini brand is a come-hither two-piece that's sure to enrapture anyone that comes in contact with it. This suit, like all bikinis manufactured by the brand, is made of 100% leather that you can wash and swim in any day of the year.

Think of a custom fit leather glove and how smooth it feels against your skin. Wearing Leather Bikini, such as the the Tassel Island kind, is just like putting on your favorite glove. It's unbelievably soft and stays that way even after a swim. The Tassel Island Bikini Triangle Top is adorned with tassels and petite beaded details in a classically alluring cut. Change it up with the Tassel Island Tankini Backless Top and hit the club scene right after a quick splash in the pool. Meanwhile, the Tassel Island Cut Bottom has an alluring high-cut design with matching tassels and beads that finalize the beach/Western look. This number retails around $170 to $180 at various online outlets like and the brand's website,

For a slightly more exotic take on leather bikinis, you might want to check out the Leather Plunge Half Back One Piece Bathing Suit by Flirt. This seductive one-piece cut out swimsuit has a halter top half that you can tie securely behind your neck for substantial support. The triangle cups are held in place by back ties and a mid-section front bow that accents the deep plunge cut. The lower micro half bottom is very flattering at the back as the cut rests snugly on the contours of your body.

The multiple ties add a little playful flavor while it provides moderate coverage and supreme comfort. Available in a classic black suit, this Flirt swim wear ensemble rightfully tops the unconventional Halloween costume list with their Swimsuit Collection for 2006. This feisty and trendy one-piece is excellent for absolutely any wet or wild occasion. For only $64, you will leave every guy hungry and all the girls envious. Visit to see more of their exciting, exotic, and sensuous swim wear.

Leather isn't exclusively for cool weather apparel after all. Those that are designed to be completely washable and water-friendly are simply ingenious. They also prove to be highly versatile pieces of clothing so you can easily wear them all year round. It may look really bad on someone like me but I'd be more than happy to look at someone in a leather bikini anytime.

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