By: Yana Mikheeva

Spring does not make us glad with good weather still, so it is quite time to show initiative and search positive in inner reserves. Well, what can make any woman glad more, then a stylish novelty? This spring leading Fashion houses offer such variety, such rage of styles and colors, that it is quite easy to get lost in this many-coloured elegant labyrinth.

Beige style

It is delicate beige that becomes a real king of color today. Probably, for someone this will become an unpleasant discovery, as for some unknown reason many ladies consider it to be plain, boring and low-key. However, it is enough to take a fleeting glance at world's podiums to understand what a mistake it is.

Any tint of beige is actual today. This can be a futuristic goldish with metallic effect, or gravel as a reminder of safari, or cream coffee for Barbie-girls, or the most delicate flesh-color tint, which a classic told once about - "a frightened nymph's hip's color".

And it turns out that in depths of "boring" beige a sea of temptation and sexuality is hidden. Moreover, things of multy-layer half-gauzy chiffon and tulle, and in lots of flimsy frills, are especially good in this color spectrum. Beige is like born to be a base for business dress-code. In general, this spring you just will not do without it!

Short, but nice

By the way, one of bright events in the world of spring fashion a Burberry collection is considered. This famous British fashion house represented a renewed look on classical trenches and short-cut retro-coats - and just in beige color spectrum. So, choosing such variant, you will combine two very interesting and actual trends in one.

In general, short (a palm upper knee), slightly bell-bottomed and decorated with various belts (straps) light coats without any warming are rather a mean of decoration for a slender girlish figure, than a mean of warming. And this spring there are lots of variants of such coats, not less then tints of beige.

This can be a one-colour top with a silk lining in small "country" flowers. Or, on the contrary, top with bright flowered prints or geometrical strict pattern, on a one-color (sometimes of contrasting color) lining.

There is a one common thing for all models, except rather short length and tightly laced waist, it is a wide and most often short-cut sleeve, trimming with decorative buttons and small collar, which creates a feeling of retro-style.

Trousers off!

A doubtless leader of a fashionable race of spring-summer season is dress. And this also reminds about middle of last century, when after war women finally felt they were the fair sex. We are offered to do this today too.

An actual dress of season spring-summer/2006 should definitely accentuate waist. And in any ways. This can be a tight slinky dress with dense corsage (even without shoulder-straps or with very open d�collet�) or a combination of a fluffy skirt and tight bodice, hugging bust and waist delicately. Anyway, this accentuates feminity of figure.

Even trimming seems to be meant for same purposes. We can see a lot of various sorts of flounces and frills - single and located in tiers, along lap and d�collet� line, along and across skirt's cloth, on waistline and deep cut on back. Moreover, such light and thin cloths are used, that multy-layer frills and flounces create a feeling of just a weightless airy cloud.

Add here bright colors, many-coloured flowered prints or that delicate flech-color of a beige palette - and you will receive more or less clear idea about the fact that you just will not do without a couple of dresses today. And, by the way, they look ideally with those light short-cut coats.


If all these frills, flounces, fluffy skirts and tight bodices still seem to be not feminine enough for you, then a little bow will bring a charming nuance of sentimentality to your image. This thing has been included in top 10 hits of fashionable mainstream for several seasons already.

You know, this season is not an exception too. First of all, we see fluffy bows on a belt (on waist of under breast, in empire), when long wide scarves and bands are tied instead of a traditional belt. Bows (preferably of a big size) or small bows (for those who avoid excesses) on d�collet� line, toecap of shoes, bag, gloves' clasp, even lap of a skirt. And moreover, they should definitely be of a bright color or light, but on a contrasting dark background.

Look through

However, many modern ladies somehow don't like retro-sentimentality. They prefer brighter things, filled with rather certain emotions and eroticism. And such things also are presented in spring-summer collections.

Moreover, one of leading trends of this season is dedicated just to such look. Practically all leading Fashion houses represented either gauzy things, or partially gauzy and combined with thicker clothes of the same color ones. Even obvious and old admirers of classics and traditionalism, elegance and minimalism could not avoid passion for transparency.

Transparent insets appear even on business cloth today. And this is not only lace, but also thin net of different tints, tulle, cotton gauze, which are combined with thick sateen, cotton, flax, denim. Completely transparent laces are either put on flesh-colored cases, or combined with super-sexual bustiers, supposing rather shameless display of half-naked body. Do you like? Then dare!

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