By: Janice Wee

Long ago, women wore skirts or dresses. Pants were too tomboyish. Too mannish.. until the recent decades. Skirts and dresses were associated with femininity while pants were associated with masculinity. Too uncouth for women.

Things have changed tremendously. Now, practically every woman owns at least a few pairs of pants or jeans and can look very feminine, very sexy in them.

Pants offer versatility. Great for rough and tumble play. A must for sports. Wonderful for the woman on the go. You move around unhindered by excess fabric when you wear pants.

Pants can be worn with anything. Switch the top for a different look.

Pants are practical. You hide blemishes or scars on legs when you wear pants. No time to remove leg hair? Hide that with pants.

Pants can have many pockets. So if you are on the go, it is convenient. If you do a lot of physical stuff, you can have your hands free as you move around as you keep your belongings in your pockets.

At the same time, pants ARE sexy on women too.

Do you remember the Le Smoking look. That really low cut jacket with nothing beneath, worn with pants for the evening?

I asked my guy what types of pants to guys like to see girls wear. Are there any particular pants that make a woman look really sexy?

Plenty actually. This is his advice to women who want to look their sexiest in pants.

1. Low waist pants give guys a tantalizing glimpse of the thongs beneath which gets him hot and bothered. At very least, low waist pants worn with short blouse shows off a sexy mid riff that tempts him. Especially if you raise you hands to get something from the top shelf, he would be too happy to help you reach for it. Just make sure you are trim first. Guys especially like to see women in low waist pants paired with crop tops. The display of midriff as she moves, if she has a lean figure, drives him wild.

2. Tight pants show off your legs. Sure, short skirts reveal the legs too, but pants cover up the blemishes or unshaven legs.

3. Leather pants show off your assets beautiful. Think about J.Lo. Women like her look fabulous in pants as pants show off a sexy butt. Guys want to see the shape of a woman. Pants that hug the body showing off every curve do just that.

4. The racing queen look. You know, tight bright pants and matching bright top. That racer costume worn by women at races is the ultimate turn on. Men love fast cars as sexy women. It is a combustible combination. Show up in a racer costume, or at least racer pants and a matching cropped bright top and watch his adrenaline flow. Men find that look intoxicating.

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