By: Tim Gorman

A voluptuous beautiful woman with full hips has been a forgotten consumer in the women's plus size swim wear category. Fortunately, this full figured woman usually controls the purse strings for the family. After years of suffering in silence, the strong voices of these women are finally being heard in the full figure fashion industry.

Someone forgot that full figured women are the mothers, sisters, and head of households that hold the purse strings. Someone forgot that these women go to dinners and go on vacation and may very well need to purchase a fashionable plus size swimsuit.

They forgot to design a sexy, color enhancing swimsuit for this pillar of not only society but retail sales. What happened to the marketers who have their ears to the consumers wants and needs meter. The message was not delivered and somehow was not conveyed to the creator of the bikini or the chlorine resistant sackcloth called women's plus size swim wear.

A woman with a full figure is currently not the Hollywood representation of beauty. The choice of the fashion community is a slim waif like creature with sunken cheeks and no curves. So the fashion industry gave the full figured woman what they wanted and the full figured woman rejected their overture thumbs down.

There has now been a revolution in the fashion industry which was too long in coming. But stylish figure enhancing swim wear has finally arrived. Women's plus size swim wear is now available in beautiful colors and shape enhancing features that fit the body of a real woman. The women designers who are full figured women themselves finally put together a winning formula for swim wear for the regular sized woman

If one believes in conspiracy theories, then the conspiracy exists between the million dollar weight loss industry and the fashion gurus who might own stock in the companies. The conspiracy is the reason that the long awaited fashionable clothes and proper fitting swim wear for full figured women took so long to come to fruition.

The problem may be that those slim witted designers may hold stock in the weight loss companies. Long before the slim waif was in vogue, Rueben defined beauty in his elegant pictures of woman who had hips, thighs and (whisper) breast.

The women of the Reuben era had curves. The curves of a woman's body are what define her femininity. The curves differentiate women from men. Women are build they way they are for a purpose. The creator designed women to look a certain way and it is not the thin reed like silhouette of the runway model.

The women of the Rubenesque era were applauded and envied for their full body healthy curves. These women were pursued because they were the epitome of femininity and considered beautiful because of their rounded curves. These characteristics were considered attractive and desirable. Finally, someone in the retail clothing stores remembered that women in other sizes needed attractive swim wear. These women who have been ignored actually hold the purse strings.

Swimsuits are now available in stylish and flattering designs. This improvement in the design is beneficial to all women who don't have the perceived perfect body. When design is improved in clothes everyone shares in the compliments.

There are real women sizes in swim wear that fit and look great. The swimsuit manufacturers are finally recognizing the needs and desires of women's plus size swim wear who fit the Reuben style of beauty rather than the style of beauty created by the fashion houses

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