By: Puneet Kaur

Like it happens in any developing economy, in India, there�s been an apparent growth in aspirations of the people. Today, people aspire to be someone famous. And, to become �that someone�, they�re willing to pay a premium for quality, design and exclusivity. Be it the contemporary housewife, a sophisticated or the next generation of working class, they all want the best in life. "Today people, in one word, want Glamour. Anything written on celebrity, fashion and social revelry etc. is received with great delight. By giving the readers� what they want media whets their appetite for it. Then follows the vicious circle of desiring more and more. So media goes on providing the same.

Let�s take up growing awareness about fashion among youngsters. Media has given a boost to the fashion industry, to the fashion shows. The fashion industry is at its peak with Indian couture catching the fancy of the fashion gurus all across the globe. Beauty pageants have helped in promoting it. More and more youngsters are getting pulled in by the glamour of lights, camera, grease pint and fame. Young girls are being lured to the show bizz. Almost every young girl wants to be a slim trim, sexy model dancing on ramp, or wants to get a �Miss �.� Crown on her head. Since the last 4-5 years , the whole scenario of beauty paegents and fashion industry has just turned on.

Beauty contests sprout like common weeds today. Every small dance and college wants to organize one and ofcourse everybody wants to participate in it. Well , from an ordinary looking girl to a �crowned ideal woman �, it�s a long long process. The body beautiful is carefully crafted in the beauty factory, to be sold at a beauty mela. A successful sale helps it to lure millions of other bodies back to the beauty industry. Except for a woman�s height which is non negotiable, everything else can be altered.

And do we really know what is the price of a beauty crown? Sushmita Sen had to have her breasts augmented - artificially shaped to please the judges! Women today are using silicone breast implants their contouring that make men drool. Silicone injections produce the precise lip-chin correction which gives women the �sexy pout� that sells soft porn glossies. Lipo-suction for fat removal, nose jobs, facelifts, and every possible surgical trick In a way we can say that a girl passing through different surgeries is carved into a �new master piece�.

Through aggressive advertising the beauty industry has been very successful in convincing women of the �Ideal Woman� myth. It has made the woman�s body into a commodity which should meet a standard i.e. of queen�s. Every woman desires to look beautiful, sensuous and she feels insecure if she does not meet this standard. Perhaps this insecurity persuades women to buy beauty aids with often false claims of "removing wrinkles", "changing skin complexion" or "making one fair". But there is the other side of the woman, the true Indian woman in picture. The Indian woman, who hopes that her husband's longevity is increased by larger dot on her forehead, who has no idea of her rights. She just knows giving and giving.

When we talk about fundamental rights of women. what are these? We all know these include every right being a human being should have in a society. And who wouldn�t want these rights? These are the fundamental rights that every human being would love to enjoy. Law is there to protect these rights of women in particular. But after 54 years of Indian independence, the condition of Indian woman is even worsened. Of the 15 million baby girls born in India each year, nearly 25 percent will not live to see their 15th birthday.