During the late 1950s there went the story of Lycra that remained almost unknown until 20 years further. Inventive things mostly have the lengthier period of commencement. But the most fortunately the people over the world have now adopted cotton fabrics that are specially designed to protect the bodies from the commuting strain.

For easy and comfortable travel conditions these days we have Waterproof, wrinkle proof and in some of the case even the temperature proof Travel wears. The fabric that adjusts according to the wearer's body temperature makes the traveling between the different climatic areas comfortable. Now we can have many necessary things from fabric like the material of running shoes that allows the feet to breathe freely, stockings or the socks saturated with vitamin C for keeping legs healthy during winter seasons and the healthy / restorative fabric from milk protein fibers.

Innovative Fabrics from Japan

Japan has always been contributing the most modern and innovative products like fabrics and fashions. Almost all the designers and manufacturers mainly concentrate on the richer class markets with prices justified by the quality. Natural fibers and fabrics were initially produced by many manufacturers but most of the raw material was to be sourced from other Asian countries. This reality clubbed together with higher labor cost turned it in to uncompetitive in the world markets. Japan's innovation in the use of natural fabrics rendered the world carried away. Japan is yet manufacturing fabrics from banana and pineapple fibers but it's not used Japanese due to the higher production cost.

Healthy Fabrics

Japanese have started producing synthetic fibers and fabrics leaving behind the natural fabrics and thus turned the circumstances in their favor once again. Japanese synthetic fabrics are not competitive in the global market as producing the standard polyester is possible anywhere in the world but Japanese labor cost is higher. However, the complete new range of engineered fabrics has been introduced unlike any other fabrics produced by Europe or North America. "The Health Giving Fabric" is in focus for the fashion of the day anyway.

The fabrics are instilled with properties providing protection against UV Rays or bacteria. Europe has the tendency of applying the protective coating or finishing treatment to their fabrics. The Japanese too use coatings but they have innovated further by engineering the fibers itself. They are most effectively manipulating the fabric's DNA at the molecular level only; however this process involves many more procedures involving the basic single application coatings.

Combining Technology with Custom

Europeans still rely on lamination technology for applying the special coatings for making the fabric water proof. The focus on the fiber and fabric structure is the alternate technology to providing the bulk of its performance has been developed in Japan. Fabric comprising of polyester micro filaments is breathable and yet waterproof. Also there are fabrics developed to provide thermal insulations. The most effective source of insulation is the air. It is naturally used when the goose bumps cause our hair on the arm rise and just trap air as the layer of insulation to keep us warm. Further insulation can be provided by the fiber that traps air. Anyway now the highly sophisticated filament yarns are available for producing active sportswear. The Improvement ratio of new fiber's performance is higher by 10% than that of the conventional fibers.
Japanese manufacturing with innovative technique have gone far beyond coatings and engineering of the fibers. The few other companies use the very technique but for some other purpose. Use of ceramic fibers can protect the body from the ultraviolet rays, whereas others incorporate ceramic fibers for adding whiteness to the fabrics, but someone else absorbs heat from the body to reintroduce it instantly by making it suitable for clothing and bed linens.

The Expansion in Fabric World

The Fabrics combined with traditional hand process and latest technology known as "exquisite" are now easily available in the world. For the aesthetic values the traditional techniques and cutting-edge technology have combined now. By the use of fabric that protect, giving functional values, providing comfort and convenience is the prime function of the fabric you use both in fashion designing or interior designing.