Chinese Textile Machinery Maker Unveils Latest Technologies

After the elimination of global quota system, the textile industry is booming at a rocket speed. The world is on a new path of industrial revolution. The textile hubs like China, India, Pakistan and many more are emerging rapidly among the western counterparts. Analysts are anticipating more growth with latest technologies in Textile Machineries. The textile machinery manufacturing hubs like China, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and India have already dived in immense competition to make and offer best technologies in textile machineries. The Chinese textile manufacturers are developing some of the best answer in technical aspects of textile industry, along with very competitive prices.

Yuyao Textile Machinery Co. Ltd. is among the most excellent textile machinery manufactures in the world from China, located in Yuyao City of Ningbo Municipality, Zhejiang Province, which is know as a celebrated place with splendid cultural legacy and features a good geographical position and a top convenient traffic facility.

Successful Voyage of "Yuyao Textile Machinery Co. Ltd."

The company of today originated from the Ex-Yuyao Textile Machinery Plant which was established in 1970. More than 30 years history has aggregated a powerful economic strength and valuable experience in this industry for the company, making it capable of providing diverse solutions and best services in meeting the customers' needs and demands. Our business activity covers more than 100 domestic cities and regions. Our products have been the best sellers across the north and south territories to the Changjiang River and also are exported to the European, Asian countries, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, receiving a unanimous good appraisal from the circle of this industry since many years ago.

The company has been confirmed to be among the provincial model enterprises, withstood the provincial, ministerial evaluations and ISO 9001certification for many times, in addition has been selected a designated production enterprise by the National Textile Material & Equipment Corporation. Our main products have been elected recommended products by the China Textile Machinery Association. Our company engages in the professional designing of the fabric testing and packing projects, in the building of the automatic heat shrink PE-FILM packing machines and serial fabric inspection machines, serial fabric rolling machines and the doubling and folding machines, all of which boast a high Sci-Tech content and stable performance, winning keen appreciations of the users, recognized as the most advanced textile machinery at home for the present time.

Latest Innovation

Yuyao Textile Machinery Co. Ltd. has recently launched a new packing machine, which is applicable to the finishing workshops of the cotton mill, dyeing plant, knitting plant in the vacuum packing of the diverse fabrics.

Some of the Successful Products from Yuyao

The company has rolled out several inventions in textile machinery in a relatively short time period during the ongoing industrial revolution.

1. Fully Automatic Shrink PE-FILM Packing Machine:

Recommended Product:

Accomplishes the rolling and inspection procedures from the fabric inspection and the fabric rolling. Accomplishes the batching and color separation from the fabric inspection, rolling to the cloth-storage conveyor. Finishing the cloth-storage engineering is followed by automatic entry into the cloth-belt conveyor ; The cloth-feeding belt conveyor carries the cloth into the PE-FILM automatic packing machine for the automatic packing procedure ; At finishing the packing, the cloth is carried from the middle section belt conveyor to the end section belt conveyor ; The end belt conveyor carries the packed cloth to the thermal shrinkage machine ; The thermal shrinkage machine contracts the PE-FILM from all sides to attain a compact and neat packing ; The cloth exit roller conveyor cools down the finished product after being shrunken and carries the cloth to the cloth storage table. The cloth storage table gives a second cooling to the shrunken product and short time storage on itself for the cloth rolls that are still not stacked, yet.

Note: The number of both the cloth feeding conveyor and the storage conveyor is subject to the customer's requirement.

2. Most up-to-date Inspection and Rolling Machines:
Model: MB551L

MB551L INSPECTION AND ROLLING MACHINE is mainly used in cotton mill, dyeing plant, wool mill, garment factory, man-made fur factory, artificial leather factory and by commodity inspection units for the inspecting of the diverse fabrics and their full-width rolling. It allows to feed the fabrics in circular or folded way. Furthermore, this machine is especially good for the inspecting and rolling the export fabrics.

Model: M204T

M204T INSPECTION AND ROLLING MACHINE is mainly applied in textile mill, dyeing plant, etc, to inspect large fabric roll (including A-frame) synchronously and with constant tension by directly connect to the power unit of the machine. (The A-frame used for winding and unwinding should be prepared by customers, and its central height should be same).

3. Tensionless Inspection and Rolling Machine:
Model: MB551W

MB551W TENSIONLESS INSPECTION AND ROLLING MACHINE is mainly used in knitting and no-spinning cloth etc. that request flabby inspecting and rolling to roll full width. It allows to feed roller fabric or folded way.

4. Fabric Inspection Machine:
Model: N801B-E

N801B-E INSPECTING MACHINE is applicable mainly in the finishing workshops in cotton weaving, printing-dyeing and knitting mills to inspect the fabrics, timely discover and correct defects on them, classify them in proper order and measure the length of the fabrics precisely.

5. Fabric Folding Machine:
Model: MB541K

This machine is suitable for doubling and rolling various wide or extra-wide fabrics in finishing department of cotton weaving, dyeing and printing mills.



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6. Fabric Rolling Machine:
Model: M951A

M951A FULL-WIDTH ROLLING MACHINE is suitable for the finishing workshops in cotton mill, converting factory and clothing factory to roll up the fabrics in full width, feeding to roll the fabrics in roll or folding way. The finished products after the rolling can be packed for delivery.

7. Most popular machine - Automatic Winder (most welcome in Italian market)
Model: ZJS01

ZJS01 loom rolling machine is suitable for automatic rolling of large package in weaving shed.



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