Once upon a time, when jeans were not as popular as they are today, there were watertight rules for formal and informal attire. The divide still exists today, but the appearance of designer jeans in the market has blurred that line just a little. This is because designer jeans such as Citizens of Humanity jeans have class, comfort and style. Citizens of Humanity jeans look just as good as any formal pair of slacks.

Finding The Perfect Fit For You

Those who buy designer jeans are looking for two main things: comfort and looks. Citizens of Humanity jeans have become a leading brand name all over the world because they offer both in equal measure. Today, you find some of the hottest Hollywood stars wearing Citizens of Humanity jeans and further promoting its already high popularity with others around the world.

Before you buy your first Citizens of Humanity jeans, read the following tips. They will ensure that you get the best possible fit, so that you get can enjoy your designer jeans fully.

1. The sitting test: all jeans will feel good while standing and posing in front of the mirror. However, this doesn�t mean that they�ll fit when you go to sit down. Before choosing your Citizens of Humanity jeans, sit down in them. You should be able to squat without any discomfort.

2. The tummy test: many people erroneously think that jeans should be tight around the waist. Nothing could be further from the truth. In order to choose the right size of Citizens of Humanity jeans for you, conduct this test. Put your Citizens of Humanity jeans on. Bend over and attempt to touch your toes. How do the jeans feel around your waist? They shouldn�t restrict breathing or pinch the skin. The best size of Citizens of Humanity jeans for you will feel free and comfortable, even upon bending over. But be careful not to confuse free with loose. A loose (large size) pair of jeans can be very uncomfortable and quite unsightly.

3. The Right impact factor: this is one of the most important aspects of any designer garment. It has to add oomph to your overall look; it has to enhance your personality. The Citizens of Humanity jeans are tailored to fit you like a glove while highlighting you finest points. Nonetheless, you should ensure that the pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans you choose flatters your figure and makes you look good. For this, you should choose the Citizens of Humanity jeans that fit your personality, whether you prefer patterned, low-cut, high-cut, or other styles.

4. High and Low: No pair of jeans looks the same with flats as they do with heels. When you are shopping for your Citizens of Humanity jeans, get two pairs, one that complement low heels and another pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans that complement high heels.

As a special note, if you are a full-bodied person, you may have more difficulty finding the right type of Citizens of Humanity jeans for you. To help the process along, look for stretch-style Citizens of Humanity jeans. They will hug your body and make it look smaller and tighter.

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