By: Karen Bean

I have come to the conclusion that buying clothes the right way can definitely be a challenge. There are so many factors to consider and so many choices. Along my 46 years of experience, I have had to make some very difficult choices and hopefully have learned from my mistakes. One of my main obstacles was that I just don�t seem to stay the same size. I personally have never been a petite but have been anywhere from size 8 to plus size. So you can see that because of this extensive experience, I consider myself an expert on the subject. Please take a moment and consider the following when making your investment in women�s clothing.

First decide what style of clothing you need. I would not recommend shopping just for the sake of shopping unless you just have an over abundance of money flowing out of your wallet. Think about your everyday life and what styles of clothing you will need. Don�t forget about the basics like bras and panties. Some questions to ask yourself: What styles do I need for work? What type of clothing do I need after work or weekends? Do I need workout clothes? How many outfits of formal attire do I really need? Do I need any new sexy lingerie?

Next think about your budget. Clothing budgets can range from very little to enormous. You have to decide where your budget fits best and then most important of all stick to it. Clothing can be purchased at any number of different locations to fit that budget from low priced thrift shops, to Internet sales, to expensive top of the line malls and many places in between. Buy only what your budget will allow but buy smart.

When choosing a piece of clothing, color is very important. Think about the season you are in and the one that is approaching. My suggestion is not to buy anything that you will not be able to wear for a very long time unless you are getting a very good deal cost wise. An example is I found a long sleeve Christmas shirt on a close out rack one April for one dollar. It was well worth the wait to keep it for several months; in fact it is one of my favorite Christmas shirts to this day. Choose a color that you like and one that you already have accessories for. First impressions are good indications. If you have to think about whether you like the color or not then it�s a good chance you will not like it when you get home. No matter what anyone says, I still believe that darker colors are slimming.

Getting the right fit in the clothing is a challenge in itself. Again, if it does not fit right chances are you won�t wear it much if at all. All sizes are not alike. I heard the other day someone say that in a particular brand of clothing the sizing was labeled smaller than in the past. This way the woman does not have to buy a bigger size. I can�t say that I agree with this and don�t even remember the brand name. In my opinion it does not matter what the actual size number is, it�s how it fits that is important.

Would you ever do without comfort in a piece of clothing? If your answer was yes then it probably won�t last. For the long term, a woman want�s to be comfortable. To get the most out of a piece of clothing, comfort is just as important as style, color, fit and your budget.

Hope this helps a bit. Buying women�s clothing is an art, from petite to plus size.

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