By: Kristine

Wool is one of the most amazing products I have ever used! Its uses are so many and so varied. Personally, I have come to depend on wool completely! I have even given up down fill in favor of wool fill. Let me tell you what I have discovered about wool.

In the first place wool has the ability to absorb large amounts of moisture vapor without feeling wet and clammy. This characteristic is especially important when it comes to sleeping. The average person perspires a pint of vapor during eight hours of sleep. The wool absorbs this wicking it away from your body so you aren�t feeling wet while you sleep, and cold when you get out of bed. This helps your body breathe away toxins. And since wool fibers allow moisture to pass through instead of holding on to it, your blankets aren�t wet or sticky either.

Wool fibers breathe allowing air to circulate instead of trapping it in next to your body. It buffers the extreme cold or hot air on the outside and keeps your body in the comfort zone. That means wool can be worn and also used in your bedding year round!

Wool is resistant to mildew and mold! This natural resistance comes from the way wool lets moisture pass through its fibers and doesn�t hold onto it. So mold and mildew can�t grow on wool because they need moisture to grow.

The Polytechnic Institute in Wales did testing with wool comforters and found that people who sleep under wool comforters have lower heart rates than people who use other types of comforters! A lower heart rate indicates that your body is in a totally restful state. Some of the synthetic fibers actually raise your heart rate taking away that restful state that your body needs so much! We all need a good nights rest to rejuvenate our bodies!

Some of you may believe that you have wool allergies. Some people do have allergic reactions to the natural oil, Lanolin that is found in wool. But the majority of people that think they are allergic to wool are really allergic to the harsh and toxic chemicals that have been used to wash and process it. However, organic wool has NOT had these chemicals used in the washing and processing.

Pure Grow Wool� is the best organic wool that can be purchased. Pure Grow Wool� comes from sheep that have been raised organically. What this means is they have been fed food that is chemical free and they graze only on the best. They are also being raised in positive and humane environments which are not crowded and are kept very clean. They are exposed to plenty of sunshine and fresh air. Healthy, chemical free sheep means healthy, chemical free wool! And for those of us that are concerned about the killing of animals for what they can give us, sheep are not butchered for their wool. They live long healthy lives and produce much wool for our clothing and bedding!

Wool is a totally natural flame retardant! It won�t catch fire! Using wool bedding becomes a must when you know that! And using wool bedding meets the requirements of the fire retardant laws. So you don't need a prescription to buy a wool mattress. Racecar drivers wear wool lined suits for this reason!

Wool lasts longer than any other natural fiber! It won�t degrade as quickly, so bedding and clothing made with wool will last you much longer than others. Over time wool batting will compress but much less than batting made with something else. Wool can also be freshened simply by exposing it to sunlight!

Wool has many uses and is easily obtained. It is truly amazing and unique! Pure Grow Wool� is the very best!

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I am concerned about the harmful chemicals that are being used in the products we use on an every day basis in our own homes. These chemicals cause death or long lasting physical illnesses and problems. So I began a web site where I can introduce natural and organic products to take the place of the harmful substances. Our customer service is excellent and you may contact me at any time with questions or information.

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