Do you adore the feeling of pure silk against your skin or the touch of soft smooth shinny satin? If so you are one of the many people who love the finer things in life and delight in being pampered whenever they get the chance. Silk is one of the softest natural fibers known to man which explains why it is the perfect choice of fabric for women's lingerie and nightwear. Once you have experienced the luxury of this amazing fabric and the way it feels against your skin nothing else will do. It also looks absolutely fabulous too as it shines and shimmers in the light as it moves over your body.

The great news is that you don't have to sell your children off or part with any vital, organs to pay for it either. Due to modern production techniques and fabric mixes silk has never been more affordable than it is today. In fact some of the gorgeous silk satin lingerie is even more delicate and feminine than the raw silk garments that were previously produced. They are also a whole lot more durable and you won't have to worry about hand washing or any of that other tiresome domestic stuff that folks used to employ servants for. In fact this new silk satin lingerie and nightwear comes up fresh wash after wash as well as looking and feeling great too.

This means you can now wear those delicate luxury items that were once reserved for special occasions or "best" all the time. Imagine how that will feel when you are at work wearing soft silky luxury lingerie under your everyday work clothes. Feeling all that soft silk against your skin the whole day through brushing against your body and caressing you as you move. Your own decadent secret hidden beneath your unassuming work wear or uniform making you feel so special.

If you prefer the look of silk with the feel of smooth shiny satin then you are in for a treat too because the new ranges of satin lingerie and nightwear are softer than ever. These garments are a far cry from the crude nylons and polyesters of the past because they too are made from beautiful silky fabrics. These satins are soft and cling resistant but look really luxurious trimmed in delicate laces and satin ribbons. In fact you could easily mistake them for pure silk lingerie or nightwear because they are so soft and smooth against the skin.

Both these fabrics are ideal for slips and nightgowns because they hand so well. This is due in part to the fabrics being slightly heavier than the pure silks which tended to be a little too flimsy for some designs. This thicker heavier satin fabric looks smoother and feels comfortable to wear although it still retains it's silky look. With silk and satin slips becoming popular again these beautiful fabrics are in great demand so there are plenty of silky satin slip styles being produced in all your favorite colors. The texture of both silk satin or satin is truly breath taking when used in the design of luxurious nightgowns and pajamas. Don't confuse these smooth silky garments with the cheaper thin satins that have been around for some time because the quality and feel is a world apart.

So if you crave the feel of silky smooth satin slips, lingerie and nightwear you will be spoilt for choice with every conceivable style you can imagine on offer in these beautiful fabrics. They will make an ideal romantic gift or just a treat for yourself and they will give you years of silky satin pleasure. Every woman deserves a little pampering once in a while and these smooth silky pieces of lingerie or sumptuous nightwear are a great way to indulge in some decadent pleasure for a change. Enjoy your silk and satin!

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