By: Adrian Jones

Corsetry is both the fine art of constructing corsets and the corsets themselves. Corsetry is both functional and sexy. A piece of womens underwear originating in the 16 century, the corset has become full-fledged sexy lingerie for the modern woman.

There's just something about corsets that make you look and feel ultra-feminine. Corsetry is womens sexy underwear at its finest. The shape, the fabric, the colors - they all combine for a piece of lingerie that will never go out of style. It's even said that corsets date back to 1700 BC! Women have loved this style of sexy underwear for centuries.

Some womens underwear is meant to shape your body. That's what corsets are famous for. They're incredibly slimming. If you're after the ideal hourglass silhouette, corsets are where it's at. They boost the bosom, flatten the tummy, and cinch the waist. It's a quick fix for fitting into a snug dress when you don't have time (or the inclination!) to diet.

If you're just plain in the market for sexy womens underwear, remember that not all corsets are for trimming. Some are created as sexy underwear, not as figure enhancers. They mimic the shape and construction of traditional corsets, but are more comfortable and are designed for maximum sex appeal.

Corsets come in two main styles: under bust and over bust. The under bust, as you probably guessed, starts under your breasts and usually extends down to the waist. For sexy womens underwear that's way more revealing, as well as extra-naughty, an under bust corset is a good choice.

The over bust, on the other hand, actually covers the breasts. Well, partially covers the breasts. Typically, they boost you up for ample, va va va voom cleavage! Also, the over bust is a better choice if you want sexy underwear that can be worn under your clothes. It's just about impossible to pair an under bust with a regular bra for the coverage and support you'll need.

Some might say, and accurately so, that there's actually some middle ground: the demi-cup corset. This piece of sexy underwear covers the lower half of your breasts. It creates beautiful cleavage, but it's also the right mix of tantalizing coverage and exposure.

When you're out to find sexy womens underwear, you might have a particular fabric in mind. Corsets come in a variety of fabrics, including satin and leather. If you want womens silk underwear, you can find silky corsets as well. For beautifully detailed and embellished corsetry, try a corset made from a brocade.

Corsets that lace up the front are particularly sexy. But front lacing isn't your only option. You can also find corsets with clasps or hooks in the front or lacing in the back.

Looking for a complete set of womens silk underwear? Most corsets are available with a matching thong or panties. Also, many come with detachable garters. For the ultimate in womens sexy underwear, garters are a must-have. A shriveled pile of control-top pantyhose is anything but erotic!

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