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Imagine going to wear your favorite leather jacket only to find it looking dull and lackluster or maybe you have ripped seams and pockets. Maybe the shape is no longer what you desire or, perhaps, you just want to purchase your first leather jacket. Whichever the case may be, read on and learn the basics about purchasing and cleaning your leather jacket.

Leather jackets and blazers contribute to your persona and provide protection from whatever the weather can throw at you. Wear your leather jacket for protection against the elements or just for looking spectacular.

You will find many types of leather jackets for both men and women. You can find discounts on all leather apparel by doing a simple search online. Different types of leather jackets include bomber jackets, leather trench coats, zip ups, and blazers. You can buy your motorcycle leather jackets manufactured with waterproof leather, which will protect you from rain, handy if you accidentally get caught in a shower.

Tips for purchasing your leather jacket

When purchasing your leather jacket you should research a variety of factors to get the best deal and find exactly what you are looking for. Some suggestions below to consider before purchasing your leather jacket include:

1) Buy the most expensive leather jacket you can afford. Expect to pay over $225 for a quality leather jacket. This may seem expensive, but if taken care of properly, this jacket will last for many years to come.

2) Avoid trendy colors. Leather jackets in colors of brown and black traditionally have more longevity rather than a new fad color of pink or similar shades. Also brown and black leather jackets never go out of style making your investment more cost effective.

3) Leather jackets come in a variety of textures which all make a difference in the durability of your jacket. Different textures of leather jackets include butter-soft leather ( thin leather) to the thicker leather which obviously has more durability. As you probably know the thinner leather looks classy and sophisticated while the thicker leather jackets will withstand a rugged, active lifestyle. Choose your leather jacket to suit your taste and needs.

4) Hang your leather jacket on a hanger that has padding or lie it flat to keep its shape and avoid stretching.

� Avoid plastic covers, humidity, and strong smells which can linger on your leather jacket.
� Keep your leather jacket out of direct sunlight, which can cause fading.
� Do not carry heavy objects in your pockets, this can cause rips and holes.
� Don't use adhesive tags, labels, or marks and never use outdated leather cleaning products as some old fashion leather care products can in reality damage your leather jacket.

Tips for cleaning your leather jacket

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your leather jacket will keep your jacket durable and long-lasting for years to come. Remember, regular cleaning and wearing of your leather jacket will increase the suppleness and good looks for many years to come. Below you will find tips for taking care of your leather jacket and leather accessories.

1) If you find you or someone else has a case of clumsiness and spills some liquid on your leather jacket, then you should blot the stain immediately. Leather cleaning products such as leather cleaner, oil, and dressing for your jacket should be in your basic leather care regimen. You will find many different brands of these and you should decide which one fits your needs. You can also purchase ink and stain removers for those stubborn stains.

2) If all else fails you should take your leather jacket to a leather cleaning specialist. Do not use dry cleaners as these types of establishments use cleaning fluids and this will take the natural oils out of your leather jacket. Always remember not to clean your jacket excessively as this can cause damage to it.

So keep these tips in mind when buying your leather jacket or cleaning it and your garment should bring many years of warmth and beauty as well as adding spice and flare to your wardrobe.

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