By: Brent Crouch

If you want to make a profit by buying and selling wholesale clothing, there are a few important things that you will need to know. You can�t just take a leap into the business unaware of what you should buy and what customers are looking for. Many wholesale businesses will fail because they went into business blindly. Follow these three suggestions and you are sure to be a success.

Odd Sizes can be a Good Thing

When you are purchasing wholesale clothing you have to realize that the odd sizes can be a very good thing. First of all odd sizes can be purchased really cheap and you can sell them at a huge markup. The reason for these cheap prices on odd size clothing is that retailers will avoid them because they can be hard to sell. For this reason, clothing wholesalers will sometimes offer you some great deals.

The fact of the matter is that people are all built differently and they are all shapes and sizes. When someone is an odd size they have a hard time finding clothing that will fit. If you purchase odd sizes you will quickly see that these people are more than willing to pay top dollar for something that will fit. So never overlook odd sizes because you are afraid that they won�t sell.

Get Good Quality Clothing

If you are in the business of selling clothes then you do not want the reputation of selling cheap low quality items. Buy clothes that are only of the highest quality. Buy clothing that is the real thing. If it is a leather jacket you are selling, make sure it is genuine leather. A plastic looking leather coat looks bad and it is uncomfortable. People not only want to look good in their clothes, but they also want to feel comfortable with what they are wearing.

Cross Sell, Cross Sell, Cross Sell

You probably want to put a lot of concentration on women�s clothing, but it is still a good idea to throw in some men�s and children�s clothing as well. For the most part, the women who buy your wholesale clothing are also wives and mothers. In order to get the most from your business, you have to offer clothing that can be cross sold. Offer a few men�s shirts as well as boy�s and girl�s clothing in your product line and you will see your profits soar.

Often time�s people will go into the wholesale clothing business with no idea what direction they should take. Follow these suggestions and get the most you can out of your business.

About the author:

Brent Crouch is the owner of Jillian Distributors a leading clothing supplier. He has spent the last 5 years taking his startup company from his garage to over a 1 million dollar business selling clothing and other wholesale products to retailers.

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