Shopping for women's apparel has never been this good. The selections are getting wider and better, with so many different styles, designer labels, and off-the-rack outfits available for women of all sizes, shapes, and ages. The most important factors that women consider when buying fashion are still style and color. Comfort, fit, and designer labels are also significant factors that are considered in purchases. When choosing styles, women are now looking for apparel that they can wear both to work and to socialize.

Pantsuits, skirt suits, blazers and the classic white blouse are favorites in the office, while off-the-rack outfits and jeans remain popular for casual wear. When shopping for fashion, it's important to know how to pick the right clothes for you. Merely copying what is touted as the current trend or what is "fashionable" will just make you a fashion victim. A wardrobe that is fashionable but still fits your lifestyle, your age, and your figure will be the best. Try to get a good mix of trendy and basic apparel, so that you won't have to update your wardrobe every time a new fashion season comes along.

One of the hottest niches in the fashion industry is designing and marketing fashion apparel for teens. This is due to the fact that teenagers account for billions of dollars spent each year on clothing and accessories. Anyone will agree that teenagers are habitu�s of shopping malls, and discount apparel shops as well as designer outlets are picking up healthy profits from teens buying trendy outfits every season. Tank tops, athletic wear and sports shirts, short skirts and low-rise jeans are very popular items. Trendy clothes that sell at reasonable prices are hot for teenagers, and merchandisers who give them value along with great fashion benefit the most. As a result, stores like Wal-Mart and Target get more teenage sales than outlets like the Gap.

Denim wear continues to be an all-time favorite, especially for teens. Jeans, jackets, skirts, and shorts are hot as ever. Jeans now come in an assortment of styles, whether it's slim fitting, low-waisted, or bootleg designs. As with all other fashion apparel, different styles are suitable for different wearers. For example, teens who want to appear more svelte-looking usually prefer low-rise jeans, while women with fuller figures like relaxed fit jeans for a sleeker look. Petite women with slim figures go for slim and snug designs, either with a tapered cut or boot-leg cut.

And denim doesn't come in just blue and black anymore. Jeans are now made with colors ranging from the usual blue and black to light brown, red, and ochre. You can even find jeans with military-type designs and colors, like khaki and olive green. One of the factors that make jeans popular is the fact that they can be worn with almost anything. Jeans can be coordinated with jackets, shirts, peasant tops, blouses, or almost anything else you may find in your closet. Teenagers often love to decorate their jeans with embellishments like beads and crystals to give them more flair and individuality, as well as to make a personal statement. Along with a complementary jacket, a shirt, and a pair of trainers, this outfit remains one of the favorites among teenagers.

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