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The common, comfortable and useful T-shirt is almost 100 years old. It was born as an undergarment during the World War I, but since then people discovered its qualities as an adaptable piece of clothing and the means to transmit a bit of their personality through statements and pictures imprinted on it. A revolution has taken place ever since the Internet has made available its use for personal design.

T-shirts make some of the most often used pieces of clothing by people from different levels of society, regardless of the social class, sex or age. The comfortable and light garment has known unanimously favorable appreciation for its absorbing cotton structure that is ideal for contact with the skin both in hot and cold seasons. Recently also a method for exposing commercial or personal statements, they make, without doubt, regular items of clothing found in any wardrobe.

The invention of the T-shirt is still a matter of argument. The dispute is between USA and Great Britain. They both claim the merit of inventing this popular piece of clothing. The first mention of the existence of this article traces it back somewhere around the beginning of the 20th century, more precisely around the time interval covered by World War I. The soldiers fighting in the war initially wore it as underwear, but after the end of World War II civilians started wearing it without the covering shirt.

Since then, the modern man appreciating the value of this light, comfortable garment started wearing it on a regular, even daily, basis. T-shirts have also become a uniform for several types of sports and a medium for self-expression and advertising, once message printing on textile fabric was available. The T-shirt industry turned into an industry very much exploited for its incredible profit.

The T-shirt has gone through all the fashion trends along with those who wore it. The ringer T-shirt was fashionable in the 60's, the black concert T-shirts in the 70's and today , since the year 2000 more exactly, the new trend is "personal branding" which is the action of personally designing your own using the services of the many specialized Internet designers.

The decoration of the T-shirt, which is so popular today, is attainable through several methods such as screen-printing, airbrush, appliqu�, embroidery, impressing or embossing, heat transfers, or Dye Sublimation transfers - one more efficient than the other. The spectacular thermo-chromatic dye made a fashion sensation in the '80s. The first to put a word message on the tee shirt were Coca Cola and Mickey Mouse in the '70s, but by the end of the '80s and the beginning of the '90s, it was common to advertise your company on such items of clothing.

In the late '90s and after the year of 2000, humorous and ironic slogans on T-shirts became a common practice. Political slogans and messages for presidential election campaigns knew an increase in popularity when imprinted on these pieces of clothing. Some people may appreciate certain statements as offensive, shocking or pornographic. Nevertheless, statements on T-shirts make a trend largely exploited by many different organizations.

Therefore, here we have it: almost 100 years of T-shirt history. Always accompanying humankind both through the two World Wars and through all fashion stepwise evolution, the good old tee shirt has proven to be both a useful and a fashionable piece of clothing. Aside from that, this popular shirt is also a foundation for a flourishing industry and a great means for marketing. It is not missing from anyone's wardrobe, so why should it miss from yours? At least just for the fun, browse through what we offer you, here, on our website. You will be able to create your own model and enjoy the funny statements listed there.

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