If you are more shapely then others. If you get told by others you're not fat you are just solid. If your body resembles more of a circle then the desired oblong shape. If you wish you were skinny enough for someone to point out your muffin top. Then you know the frustration of trying to find apparel that actually fits.

I can't believe it is so hard to find plus size clothing. In all of the so called normal clothing stores they stock nothing that fits and you know for years I actually understood this. After all why should they make or stock plus size apparel it just doesn't make sound econimical sense. Most people don't need them and obviously they sell more of the normal sized clothing to make huge profits so why bother with the plus size market?

But I have a question?

In recent statistics just released it was stated that something like more then 60% of men are overweight or obese and just short of 50% of women are of the plus size variety as well. We are constantly being bombarded on the news and various other media outlets about the obesity epidimic.
Okay - so obesity is not good and it leads to health problems but if about half of the people in the Western world are overweight then how come clothing stores are not providing plus size apparel? Surely the economics are there. On these statistics half of us need bigger clothes.

So how come our clothing stores don't stock at least 50% more plus size apparel? Or is it they don't want plus size men and women to wear clothes? Surely that can't be the case wouldn't skinnier people be more pleasing to the eye in that situation. So why is it so hard to find clothes that fit?

Do we who tip the scales on the heavier side cost the clothing manufactures too much money? Is the material so expensive they can't afford to make bigger clothes?

It is hard to fathom that in an increasingly fatter world we still have to travel to specialty plus size apparel stores to get decent clothes. And what seems to surprise shop assistants is that we need bigger everything! Yes we need plus size shoes, socks, underwear, lingerie, etc.

Yes - it's just not a bellies and bottoms that get bigger, such things as our feet actually grow as well. So some entrepreneural people out there please open a plus size store that actually stocks apparel and footwear that actually fits a plus size person.

I have found some excellent plus size stores, especially online however there has been some that have no idea what big clothing is. Honestly clothes that at best would be lucky to fit a skinny model after eating Mac Donalds is not plus size clothing.

Us plus size shoppers have money to spend and we need clothing just like everyone else. It would be nice for out everyday clothing stores could provide better apparel instead of relying on specialty plus size stores.

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