Fashion hosiery has been around for many years. The European aristocracy was quite fond of wearing tights, stockings and thongs. And from our historical references, it�s not too distant to find that both men and women were fond of the specially designed fashion tights. Unlike the modern designers who make exquisite stockings from nylon, silk and other fabrics, the ancient hosiery was made of cloth.

The trend of fashion wear has undergone radical changes. But the one thing that has sustained the travails of time is the leg-wear. The designs and patterns that were used in ancient Europe have given way to more sleek and naturally suitable outfit. The leading designers in this category launch a whole new range of hosiery every season. What�s more surprising in the modern times is the vast interest, shown by women from eastern countries in this age-old fashion accessory.

With the advent of the Internet, fashion hosiery has found a whole new medium to express itself. The online hosiery stores almost always have up-to-date collection of latest trends and new arrivals. With leading brands like Calvin Klein, Charnos, Palmers, Cette, and Aristoc making their presence felt in the online market place, the shoppers of fashion hosiery never had it so good.

You can choose from the branded half-stockings, pantyhose, high-stockings, thongs, sexy panties, lingerie, Lycra tights, stretch trunks, footless lace tights, short boxers, garters and briefs.
The USP of online fashion hosiery stores is the affordability they offer on the range of premium products. The handsome discounts and fabulous offers make for a fun-filled shopping experience. It�s a popular refrain from most people that if it is fashionable, it can�t be affordable and if it is affordable, it can�t be fashion. But with the competition in online and offline market places at its zenith, the consumers are, quite literally, the kings. They are being offered handsome discounts as a rule by the online hosiery stores and with the buyback policies in place, it makes sense to buy online fashion hosiery.

Historically, fashion pantyhose may have been the exclusive domain of rich and famous but the hosiery manufacturers and suppliers have now found an attractive market by slashing the profit margins and thereby, achieving monstrous sales volume that not only offset any loss of profit but also bring along huge client base.

The overall fitness of purpose demands apt pantyhose for the specific occasion. And if the leading designers were prepared to fill the vacuum in this important segment of fashion accessories and that too at much affordable prices, why would you and me settle for any lesser-known brands?


Arresting any historical malfunction women tights, whether they are footless or short tights or indeed lycra tights from this fashion hosiery shop, has emerged as a call from the wild for the modern working folks. The affordability definitely has a role to play in the popularity of leg-wear but it�s neither the sole nor the decisive factor in its rising popularity.

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