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Capri pants or "capris" are a specific style of pants designed for women to wear in warm weather. Calculated to show off the ankles and calves, traditionally, they end mid-calf or just below. More recently, Capri pants are ending just beneath the knee in some designs.

Italian fashion designer Emilio Pucci gave the world the first Capri pants, in the 1950s, but it was not until the following decade they became popular in the United States. The inspiration for the embracing of the Capri pant was Mary Tyler Moore�s role in the popular television series The Dick Van Dyke Show. As Laura, the young urban housewife, she triggered a fashion sensation - and some mild debate - by wearing snug-fitting capri pants during the show's entire run.

The cut of Capri pants, however, does not negate older and more womanly consumers from buying and wearing capris. The newer versions have longer legs; they cover the knees. This makes them more flattering to some body types and ages than the alternative - shorts. The choice of leg styles also makes it more becoming. The legs of capris are flared or straight.

Capris have entered the 21 century in a multitude of fabrics. Stretch cotton is comfortable and looks good. It offers a snug fit, providing the right look, as well as a great comfort level. Classic lightweight cotton fabrics in everything from iridescent cotton, to cotton twill, seersucker, gingham and silk shantung are also popular. Capris are, therefore, admirably suitable for warm days and cooler nights. Some supporters believe you can wear capri pants twenty-four-seven - in the office, on the weekend, in evening. In a sense, they are, like Audrey Hepburn or Leslie Caron, elegant and timeless.

The positively marvelous feature of capris is their flexibility within the fashion world. They are comfortable and fashionable. They update your wardrobe and can be worn on many different occasions. Leon Levin is one outfitter that has carried them for several seasons. Swami has designed comfortable Shilo capris for this season. Levi has, for summer 2007, as part of their environmentally friendly and conscious Eco line produced cuffed capri pants made of 100 per cent organic cotton and washed in natural dyes.

With capris, you can achieve a casual or elegant look depending on the tops, shoes and accessories you wear with them. Just take time to read the following hints. It can make all the difference in how you approach your capri pants.

A few hints on how to look stylish, elegant and comfortable

With capris, it is all about the cut. If you are small, go for longer leg styles. In this way, you can avoid the short-leg syndrome.

Wear close fitting but not obscenely tight

Select the type of fabric according to the usage. Lightweight, durable, easily cleaned material for everyday capris, silk, cotton and linen-elegant material for evening wear.

Select your accessories carefully. Flat or low-heeled shoes go best.

Do not wear socks with capris.

Some fashion experts say any type of sports footwear is definitely out. Wear canvas flat shoes or flip-flops for the beach and, for summer barbeques, pool parties, nights out and evening affairs try strappy or backless sandals or ballet slippers.

An alternative view relates to purpose. Wear delicate Sabrina heels, platforms or sneakers.
Whether you are going for relaxed or elegant, keep your tops simple.

A final note, the more sophisticated or elegant or dressier your intent, the longer the leg of the capri.

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