Fashion trends of India
In the starting stage Indian garment sector was colorless and not much fashionable. But now it is totally changed. Now garment accessory manufacturer has to run their business as per new fashion trends by applying innovating new stylish ideas and fashionable trends in their products.

Types and Categories of Garment Accessories
Garment accessories have their own importance to give fashionable and trendy look to the fabric and other products. Some of the popular Garment Accessory products are �

Laces: - Laces provides beautiful look to fabrics and add ad extra beauty to that. Some types of laces are Cotton laces, Elastic Laces and Plain Laces.

Trims:- Satin trims, Organza trim, Multi color trim, Knitted Trims, Beaded Trims, Bedding Trim, Cotton Trims, Elastic and Jacquard Trims.

Tapes and Ribbons: - big range of tapes and ribbons are available such as Bedding tapes, Cotton tapes, Cotton jacquard tapes, Curing and wrapping tapes, Elastic tapes, Jacquard name tapes, Jacquard Tapes, Knitted tapes, Multi color tapes, Organza tapes, Satin tapes and Grosgrain ribbons

Cords: - Cords are being used by various industries at very large scale such as footwear industry, leather bag industry, shoes and clothing industry. Variety of cords are Draw Cords, Drawstrings, Jacquard Name Draw cords, Leather cords, Braided leather cords, Flat leather cords, Rounded leather cords, Cotton draw cords.

Webbings: - Webbings are substitute of rope and widely used by different industry. It needs to be more durable. Webbings are available in numbers of color, designs and size as per industry requirement. Some kinds of webbings are Plastic Webbings, Polyester Webbings, Elastic webbings, Rigid Webbings, Nylon Webbings, Polypropylene Webbing, Reflective webbing, Cotton webbing.

Belts: - Belts is a kind of Garment Accessory that created a trend of fashion. It is used in Cargo; Jeans, Shirts and other kinds of man and women wears. Apart it belts they also provide safety in form of seat belt. The types of belts are Cargo belt, Worn out belt, Jute belt, and seat belts.

Customization in Garment Accessory
Customization in these garment accessories is required by every industry as per their need and new fashion trends. Customization can be of many types such as color, size, pattern and design. Customization in these Narrow Fabrics and garments accessories may have some problem such as sizing defects, color defects, designs and patter defects so manufacturer and buyer both needs to be very careful at the time of specification for their requirements.

Quality importance
Quality is more important for customer satisfaction. Good quality increases demand and value of products. It creates reputation and goodwill for garment accessory manufacturer. We at Garment Accessory India understand value of your money and offer excellent quality products.

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