By: Cheri Britton

Once you have started an online advertising program, you need to find out if it is really working. There is no point in spending money on advertising that does not work for your business. This article discusses some ways to find out if the web advertising method you have chosen is performing as you planned.

PPC Analysis; Pay per click Analysis is one of the best ways to find out if your PPC advertising campaign is working. It tracks the performance of PPC ads and has many advantages.

PPC analysis tracks the volume of sales and the revenue generated by the advertising. PPC advertising analysis tracks the conversion value of and conversion rate of advertisements. PPC shows which keywords are performing best and help you weed out non-performing keywords.

Keyword Analysis; Keyword analysis tells you a lot about your web advertising campaign.

You can track the keywords that generated the most sales. You can find out how many people visited your website by typing particular keywords into search engines. You can find out revenue earned using the keywords and the cash value of those keywords.

Trend Analysis; Trend analysis looks at the overall performance of sales, conversion rates, and visitors to your site. It gives you an overall picture of how your site is performing.

Advantages of Trend Analysis; Trend analysis has the following advantages when it comes to measuring the success of web advertising.

You get a visual representation of how your website is performing. You identify trends related to the performance of your website and strengthen weak points of your web-advertising program.
Measuring Success of Web Advertising: Parameters Certain key indicators tell you how successful or unsuccessful your website advertising program is.

Search engine rankings and submission Click-through rates Monthly traffic: Includes number of visitors, page views, unique visitors, search phrases, and entrance and exit pages. Number of sales.

Importance of Measuring the Success of Web Advertising; It is very important that you know how successful your web advertising campaign is. This helps you in the following ways:

Understanding keyword dynamics: which keywords get the most visitors to your website and which keywords get the desired amount of sales. Getting an idea of the products customers are interested in. Fine-tuning your search engine optimization techniques. Helping with merchandizing and production. Seeing how popular your brand name is.

It is not advisable to just put the web advertising process in motion and sit back. You have to continually monitor the performance of the web advertisements and see if they are giving the desired results. Measuring the performance of website advertising helps you see where the campaign is falling short and rectify problems associated with those shortcomings. If you need to know more about tracking the performance of your web-advertising program, you can hire a business advisor who will guide you on the various aspects of a successful website-advertising campaign.

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