By: Lucy Hughes

Tired of feeling left out when you go to buy sexy lingerie and everything in your size looks like grandma? Good news ladies, the tides have turned! Shifts in the fashion industry as well as many cultural tastes herald a new age for plus size women and plus size lingerie they are getting the attention they deserve from designers, and men. Designers and the modeling industry have long pushed our aesthetic tastes toward the slim and waif-like model, especially since the 1870's. In doing so, they made shopping for clothes and lingerie tough for women who need plus sizes. "Designers have learned within the last five to ten years that just because a woman is a size 20 it doesn't mean she wants to wear a shirt that's shaped like a box," says 26-year-old Tynisha Thompson of New York City.

If you're over a size twelve, you may find more to choose from as attractive, elegant and sassy designs make their way to the women with curves. Now it's easier than ever to find gorgeous bras and undergarments that are functional and practical, but also showcase the voluptuous feminine figure. "The average bra size in the US used to be 34B, now it's 36C," says Berna Goldstein, Curvation's director of merchandising. As the average bra size grows, so do the bra options. Many times the dilemma is when a bra is pretty it doesn't provide good support and when it provides support, it isn't all that pretty. Because of this more stores are making it their business to carry plus size lingerie that caters to fashion and utility, and honors the beauty of the full figure. Some of the more popular brands are Prima Donna, Simone Perele, and Chantelle. Brands like Prima Donna bras are making great strides in fashion sense with designs that accentuate floral designs, rhinestones and the latest in elegance. This is good news considering it's been estimated that 62% of women wear an American size 12 or above, and lest we not forget, Marilyn Monroe was a size 14.

In addition to the new attention the fashion industry has been giving plus sizes, recent research is finding that the waif look may not have the natural appeal that voluptuous curves hold. Professor Devendra Singh and his daughter Adrian Singh, psychologists from the University of Texas assert that men are more attracted to women with curves, and curves denote breasts, thighs and an ample butt! America is just catching on while some other countries seem to have long held a full figure in high regard; like areas of Africa, the Middle East, Samoa and Mauritania. Much research has revealed that men enjoy curves and plus size beauty, and often don't notice the extra twenty pounds that many women worry about.

Movies like A Cinderella Story, Real Women Have Curves and Bridget Jones's Diary prove a new era of taste in women's figures is emerging. In fact, many might categorize the many blogs, websites and publications in support of plus size women as a movement. So to all those ladies who enjoy a fuller figure, take advantage of the new trend in plus size lingerie and plus size bras and pamper yourself with pride!

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Lucy Hughes invites you to join the current movement that is helping plus size fashion and lingerie take the design world by storm. Taking pride in your most beautiful features and finding the perfect styles to accentuate your figure has never been easier. Take a moment to do something for yourself today and check out and other plus size bras at

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