By: Cassie Hughes

Before the 80�s, people were outraged to see private (read: lingerie) items in public view, whether on display in a store or as part of an outfit worn openly. Today, lingerie is no longer just women's undergarments but a fashion statement catering to every need and every woman, small or large. We are no longer restricted to black, white or beige colors. Lingerie now comes decorated with sequins, fur, feathers, fringe, and exquisite lace just begging to be shown off. No more ugly corsets and gussets to compress and hide a woman�s assets. Lingerie has become a fully fledged member of the fashion establishment. It has become an everyday staple and women like to update it as often as they update their clothes. We are no longer confined to wearing sexy lingerie on �special occasions� only. And while the majority of sexy lingerie wearing divas are in their twenties and thirties, the range actually goes from sixteen to fifty-five years old! Lingerie is now seen as a much wanted gift and you can even buy lingerie for your mama.

Today we probably see as much lingerie peeking out from under women�s clothes as is hidden underneath. We no longer have panty lines thanks to these tiny strips of cloth called thongs that sneak out above the waistband of our favorite pair of low rider jeans. Hot colors and bold patterns now peep through lightweight material to show sneaky glimpses of what is underneath. Choosing and displaying lingerie has become exciting. The combinations and possibilities are endless. Based on her selection, a woman may allow her feminine side to radiate through, her sexy and temptress side to play, or her innocent side to shimmer. A woman should select her lingerie each day based on what side of herself she wants to dramatize.

Bras certainly mirror fashion trends. There is a bra for every occasion. You wear a sports bra to play tennis, another style to go to work, and a different one to go out on the town. There is literally a bra to match all of your outfits. If you are into this season�s colors, there is no doubt that you�ll find just the right bra set that will match. Fashion divas are now realizing that innerwear changes the way their outer clothing looks. A clingy tee shirt needs a different bra than a regular blouse.

Lingerie is designed for comfort, concealment, or seduction. The comfort of a woman�s undergarments is essential. Lingerie is the garment that lies closest to a woman�s body, determining how a woman feels. A woman is converted as she puts on her undergarments. Her feminine side comes to the forefront and takes charge of how she feels about herself. No longer does a woman need to hide her underwear, but rather, it is acceptable to flaunt it. After all, the styles today are quite appealing. Whether a woman is trying to enhance what she has or underplay what she has but doesn�t want, lingerie has been designed to do what needs to be done. A woman wants to look her best and is willing to try almost anything to glamorize her appearance.

The knack of wearing lingerie is not a difficult one to learn. Discover what styles fit you best - physically and sensually. Combine this with the colors and patterns that you enjoy. Fill your lingerie wardrobe with a variety of styles. Choose carefully, purchase wisely, and wear proudly.

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