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From work pants to designer ones, the pair of jeans has indeed come a long way. There is a debate among textile historians regarding the origin of the jeans. There is also a conflict about the origin of the words �jeans� and �denim�. According to some experts, the word �denim� originated from �serge de nimes�, a fabric woven in Nimes in France. As per some other experts, the word �denim� was derived from the word �nim�, which was a fabric specially woven in France. Some experts are of the opinion that �jean� was a fabric produced in Italy, which was a mix of cotton, linen and/or wool.

However, both the terms �denim� and �jeans� are used interchangeably in today�s times. The concept of jeans has evolved from that of strictly work clothes to that of comfortable and casual wear. It is accepted by people of all age groups, all over the world.

Jeans has always been an evergreen piece of clothing. It has gone through a lot of changes from time to time. Initially, it was introduced as work pants, but then it emerged as a fashion statement. The classic blue jeans are still a hot favorite with several people. In the last decade, embroidered and designer jeans came into fashion.

International trends in jeans

The following are some of the types of jeans that are the latest in fashion all over the world:

Colored jeans:

Jeans in various colors like red, white and pink are in vogue. Several celebrities such as Ashley Simpson and Rachel Bilson have been noted to be wearing colored jeans.

Wide legged jeans:

Jeans that have a slim fit on the thighs and wide legs are in high demand nowadays. Such jeans are also called boot cut jeans. Celebrities like Naomi Campbell and Angela Basset have been seen sporting wide legged jeans.

High waist jeans:

After the trend of low waist jeans, high waist jeans are back in fashion. Both - high waist jeans with wide legs as well as with a skinny fit - are popular. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez have been noted to be wearing high waist jeans.

Skinny jeans:

Skinny jeans are popular again. Famous personalities like Nicole Ritchie and Hillary Duff have been seen wearing skinny jeans.

Embroidered jeans:

Jeans with unique embroidery are in vogue in some countries. The embroidery may be on the back pockets or on the front side, along the knee.

Vintage washed jeans:

Vintage washed jeans are in demand in certain countries. Faded jeans are also in vogue.

Jeans with printed patches:

Jeans that have printed patches on the back pockets and/or the front portion are in fashion in some areas.

Latest campaigns in the denim world

Keeping in view the changing trends in jeans, denim manufacturers are constantly trying to come up with new innovations, patterns and campaigns. Some of the campaigns recently launched by leading denim manufacturers are:

Wrangler has launched a �Clean skin, clean bikes, clean jeans� campaign in India in association with Castrol and Kaya Skin Clinic. �Clean jeans� refers to jeans that have not been mercerized.

Lee too has initiated a campaign in India called �Say no to plastics�. This campaign targets customers who are environmentally conscious.

Designer Luca Corradi has specially developed jeans for Muslims, which have been launched in Europe under the brand name of �Al Quds�. These jeans have been designed so as to ensure comfort to Muslims while offering their daily Namaaz. They are baggy and have a high waist. They have green seams because green is a sacred color for the Muslim community.

Levi�s has introduced eco-friendly �green jeans� in Europe in November 2006. The company claims that not only the material, but also the other components used in these jeans are totally natural. 100% cotton goes into the making of these jeans. Coconut shell buttons and a non-galvanised metal fly and buttons. The finish that is used in these jeans is made from natural ingredients such as potato starch, mimosa flower and Marseille soap. The jeans are produced on machinery that has been certified.

Trends may come and trends may go, but jeans will always occupy a special place in the hearts of people old and young all over the world.

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