Looking good and fashionable is a desire that every heart secretly nurtures. But it is definitely not an upheaval task, as many seem to think. And what makes it easy, is trendy and sensible clothing along with a dash of attitude! And there you have the mantra to looking great and feeling confident.

No amount of stress on fine clothing is sufficient in today's extremely look-conscious society. The more you do is often considered to be less. But frankly speaking, if you do it the right way, even less effort can be more fruitful! And how can you achieve that? Well that's what we are here to tell you! Let us see how to enhance your looks wearing just casual wear and the new trends in the same.

When you hear casual wear, the first things that strike your brain are jeans and T-shirts. Oh what would the world do without them! So true! And when you talk of variety in them, you are simply spoilt for choice! Rugged jeans, faded jeans, shaded jeans, stretch jeans, flair bottomed, boot-cut or straight fit jeans, low, mid or high waist jeans-every possible permutations are available for both men and women. Capris are a must have for the rainy season and shorts are always the way to go for guys. They make you feel so relaxed! Now coming to T-shirts, even plain looking ones look classic. And if you are one of those, who love to make bold statements, go for the ones with catchy and funky punch lines printed on them. They sure are to get you noticed! And if long T-shirts are what you feel like wearing-do it. There is absolutely no dearth of plus size clothes in the market today. It is better to wear what is meant for you than look like a person bursting out of his/her clothes that are of a smaller size. So the gist is to wear what your identity is and not to simply ape someone else.

For girls skirts are the other best option. Be it short ones, long ones or knee-length ones, they are sure to make you look feminine and agile. And team it up with that favorite top and bag of yours and you are all set to rock! Leather jackets and sweaters are also good and make you look stylish yet comfortable.

The recent trendsetters are the hoods. They are not only highly functional but look chic too. Its magic is that, all age groups can wear it and it will still look so unique on each one of them. And oh leggings! They are a must have on girls' lists. They make you look, oh so good!

Mix and match always come to the rescue to escape that boredom of same and repetitive dressing. For a change go for contrast colors and feel the difference in yourself. Wear bright colors for that happy and jovial mood and pastel ones for the more somber occasions. Color therapy certainly is everywhere!

Solid colors can get monotonous at times and make you look so too. So spice up your wardrobe with that eye-catching block print or a delicate floral print or even that intricate embroidery that are forever in vogue. And if you are a man who can carry pink with style, go ahead! Who says pink is only for girls and kids. If you can, you must go ahead and flaunt it.

So just keep up with the trends and incorporate them to suit your wardrobe. So if you know what suits you and makes you feel and look comfortable, you have cracked the code for looking stylish!

About the Author:

Kari Thor Runarsson is the Vice President, Marketing of 66 North; a company specializing in outdoor wear for sports and leisure, work wears etc. e-mail www.66north.com

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