By: Meryl Rougeaux

Being a woman in business can be tough. Your clothes weren't meant to be packed and unpacked, packed and unpacked... or jammed through airport terminal scanners. And yet, business demands that you travel and look your best the very next day at the sales presentation or business meeting...and if you're clothes isn�t attractive looking while still being "business like", you could risk the sale or even your career.

One way to help you look and feel your best is with designer scarves. These fashion accessories can really make your outfit into several outfits, just with the simple addition or alteration of a scarf! And what makes scarves so nice is that they are:

* Lightweight

* Easy to pack (so you can pack several)

* Require a minimum of care

* They also allow you to carry one or two fewer outfits while you're traveling because the change of a scarf can make it seem like you've changed your entire outfit!

To start, find the outfits that are the most versatile and set them aside for travel. Make sure they are sturdy, easy to carry, (easy and quick to clean), and require a minimum of care. Then go shopping for scarves! The great thing is that you can take out just one outfit from your suitcase, put a dozen designer scarves in its place and still have room leftover for that extra item you're always trying to stuff in at the last moment.

Find scarves that go well with more than one outfit. One way to do this is to find a patterned scarf that has a few colors in it, picking up the color of one outfit AND the other in the same scarf! Or, find two or three patterned scarves that each pick up the color of the outfit. However, that's not all you'll want. You'll also want to find designer scarves that are vivid colors that draw out the color of your eyes or hair.

Find scarves that are light and silky smooth - these are your best choice for business-wear. Coarser scarves may not be appropriate, they might be too hot, and fur scarves are far too formal.

Once you have these scarves, pack them properly! If they won't get wrinkly, stuff them into a tube (like a toilet paper roll). If they will get wrinkly, fold them carefully and wrap them around the outside of the toilet paper roll.

When dressing, decide from the number of ways that you can wear these designer scarves. You can tie them like a tie around your neck with one (or both) ends hanging down the front. You can wrap the scarf a couple times around your neck and tie those ends into a knot to the side. Or you can even use the scarf like a head wrap or head band to keep your hair out of your eyes.

Given the wide variety of uses for scarves, you'll never feel like you have nothing to wear. Quite the opposite! You'll feel like you have far too many options.

What's more, the simple change of scarves or how you tie it can mean a seemingly whole new outfit that you can make more or less formal... so you'll be dressed for any eventuality when traveling for business.

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