Yoga has become a popular type of workout today, which means that it is fairly easy to find a class in almost any community that will allow you to strut your asanas in style. However, it is difficult to feel good about how you look during a workout when you are wearing your husband's old sweatshirt from college and leggings that are wearing thin at the knees. The good news is that there are plenty of options in yoga wear today that will allow you to look good and feel good as you are working your way through your yoga routine. But before you run right out to purchase a wardrobe of leotards in all of your favorite colors, there are some factors to consider in what works the best in yoga wear.

Allow for Maximum Movement

While some yoga positions are fairly simple, others will require plenty of freedom of movement to perform. Since the goal of yoga positions is to maximize blood circulation throughout the body, you will do a lot of damage to your workout benefits if you wear clothing that binds or pinches the areas that you are trying to loosen. This is why it is so important to purchase yoga wear that will give you plenty of room and stretch to move freely. Look for pants that have spandex, and select drawstring waists that will continue to fit even as your weight begins to fluctuate. Sports bras are recommended for women, and leotards or t-shirts can both work well, depending on your preference.

When you go shopping for your yoga wear, make sure that you try every garment on and even try some positions in the clothing before you purchase them. This will let you know that the yoga wear fits properly, and will not cut off any of that circulation that you will be working so hard to increase. While yoga pants are always a popular choice, selecting a pair of shorts or two will allow you to keep an eye on the alignment of your knees, ankles and feet during positions as well. On the flip side, a well-fitting pair of yoga pants will take you from the mat to the grocery store in style, giving you a bit more versatility in your yoga wear.

Be Prepared to Sweat

As with any type of workout clothing, yoga wear should breathe and absorb moisture effectively. This means that you should opt for cotton fabrics as often as possible, even going for organic cotton when you can. This is the best fabric for moisture absorption. If you go for the spandex stretch, make sure that you select a fabric that will breathe and allow you to perspire without getting sticky during your workout. While yoga is generally done barefoot, some instructors will allow for socks or even shoes to be worn. You can check with your instructor before purchasing this type of yoga wear. If you get the green light to bring your socks, make sure that you get a pair that will keep your feet from perspiring too much as well.

Yoga is a wonderful way to get fit and healthy, and there are plenty of yoga classes to choose from. If you decide to give this exercise a try, outfit yourself in the best yoga wear that you can afford. Your body will thank you, and you will enjoy your workout even more when you look and feel your best.

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