Once again for the 2007 season, Hugo Boss have re-launched the Texas Jeans range in a variety of denim designs and even some in the higher price bracket. This is a surprise as the Texas jeans are normally at the bottom end of the Hugo Boss range however the best Texas jeans in the 2007 season will now set you back up to �120! One of the biggest eye openers was the introduction of the HB26 jeans which are more alike to the Diesel range of jeans, which do not fit into the normal Hugo Boss designs with their big deep pockets and coloured designs to the pocket areas. These retail at just over �110 and many predict will become very popular this season.

Once of the most popular Hugo Boss products are their range of polo shirts. Once again Hugo Boss have excelled with an excellent range of polo shirts for the 2007 season. The Trooper polo shirts have been released in a full range of colours, once again if you shop around these retail at around the �50 mark. Hugo Boss have released the Pierce polo shirts with horizontal stripes giving the shirt a look of class. The Pierce polo shirts retail at over �65 and I think will prove a hit in the summer.

Hugo Boss have introduced a variety of new short sleeve and long sleeve shirts. The short sleeve shirts feature the ever popular Argy collection which sells at �55. Also introduced into the range is Lexy shirts which have wilder designs to the chest area and retail at over �70.

A new addition to the Hugo Boss family is the introduction of shorts to the range. These are classy swimming shorts for the summer season similar in style to the Armani Jeans range of swimming shorts but cheaper in price at just �40. Also in demand once again is the collection of Hugo Boss hats and caps and these retail at the normal price of �20. Whilst on the topic of accessories, Hugo Boss have launched a range of trainers very similar in style to the Prada collection but at the much more reasonable price of just �80.

Having now had a look across the range I think Hugo Boss have changed their approach to the designs of their range and have gone for a more daring approach with more patterns on the garments. Sales already show the popularity of the Hugo Boss Jeans range and also the Hugo Boss shirts.

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