When it comes to buying jewellery, it can be tempting to simply follow the latest trends. Whether it's elaborate, dangly earrings or chunky rings that are in fashion, it's important to choose pieces that are not only in vogue but also those that flatter your particular personal attributes. Luckily, the natural versatility of many pieces of jewellery means that it's simple for men and women to work this season's look to their innate style - you just have to know what rules to follow.

Jewellery trends for women this Spring/Summer 2007 concentrate on ornate brooches, big bold earrings, metallic jewellery and charm bracelets. Furthermore, purple is set to be this season's jewellery colour, but yellow gold and black jewellery are also set to be big. However, in the presence of such imposing jewellery pieces and styles, it's crucial to remember the cardinal rule of jewellery wearing: adopt only one statement piece; or, more specifically, make sure you don't let your jewellery pieces compete with one another. Actress Salma Hayek is a prime example of how to wear statement pieces of jewellery, as she tends to wear just one prominent piece as opposed to many. Conversely, Betty from the hit TV show Ugly Betty is a definite example of how not to wear statement pieces of jewellery!

Moreover, make sure you pay attention to your face shape and hair style when buying earrings this season. Large earrings should only be worn by women who have long, slender necks; this type of neck is also ideal for wearing long, dangly earrings - another key aspect to this season's earring fashion. Women with more petite necks, on the other hand, will find it best to adapt to this season's jewellery trends by wearing smaller earrings.

While layering jewellery is all the rage with today's fashion trends, it's important to first establish whether you have the correct body shape for this particular jewellery look. For instance, big cocktail rings are back in fashion once again - but if you have short fingers, make sure you avoid wearing more than two rings on one hand. Additionally, stay away from rings that eclipse your hands.

Ultimately, it's vital not to let your jewellery clash with the clothes you're wearing. This season's ornate brooches are worn on the left-side, 15cm below the shoulder - but if you're adopting the brooch look, don't choose to wear a sparkly piece with your animal print top. Instead, pair bright brooches with your more sedate pieces of clothing, to inject a cheeky twinkle into a sophisticated outfit. Moreover, keep diamond brooches away from demin or leather jackets - and wearing a brooch with a casual knitted jumper or a tracksuit top is just asking for an appearance on What Not to Wear!

Metallic colours are also a prominent feature of jewellery in Spring/Summer 2007 - experiment wearing metallic necklaces with high-necked and low-cut dresses. Just remember not to wear too much metal - a metallic bag and a silver dress won't take too kindly to your new metallic pendant.

Finally, don't ignore this season's feminine jewellery; with flowers, butterflies and a variety of pretty shapes being featured by many jewellery specialists, you'll be able to pair these pieces with a range of delicate summer dresses and summer clothing. What's more, if you're going on holiday, don't be afraid to take some throwaway accessories with you - fake jewellery is just as credible as real jewellery and will save you the hassle of worrying about losing your most expensive item!

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