Along with the popularity of boots worldwide there has been an incredible increase in the variety of styles and colors as well. Men and women alike have an enormous selection to choose from including cowboy boots, hiking boots, motorcycle boots and more. For women they can even add Go-Go boots and knee-high boots to the mix.

The cowboy boot was originally introduced as a utility work boot to protect the foot and lower leg of the cowboy of the old west from things like snakes, briars, and sagebrush. These boots had a high heel to help them stay in the saddle better and a high shaft to protect the legs. As cowboy boots have become more popular the materials used to make them have evolved to include such exotic hides as shark skin, alligator, elephant, ostrich, emu, and snakeskin and are made in just about any color you can imagine. No longer just for cowboys, these boots have become popular all over the entire world.

Another popular style of boot these days is the motorcycle boot or biker boot. These boots tend to have a very high shaft and a shorter heel and are made of very heavy leather to protect the foot and lower legs. These boots have become very popular with the general public as well as the biker population.

The distinctive black leather boots with the yellow stitching on the sole can only be Docs. These were created by a German Doctor during the second world war whose name was Dr. Klaus Maertens. They came to the open market in 1960 and quickly became very popular especially for the average person. These were the preferred footwear by postmen, factory workers, as well as policemen. The punk bands of the seventies made them even more popular and today they are still a top choice for men and women.

Hiking boots have become very popular with both men and women these days. Although the boots are made specifically for hiking, their light weight and great support make them a popular choice for every day wear. There are dozens of different styles available in this genre of footwear alone. If you don�t believe me all you have to do is visit a Timberland store.

For women there are two other popular choices in boots that are mainly for going out dancing. Knee-high boots and Go-Go boots are very popular with women who like to go clubbing. The Go-Go boots first appeared in the sixties and have not fallen out of favor since then. They are available in almost any color and they have become even more famous with many girl bands sporting them. The knee high boots have been around for a decade or so longer and are normally worn with skirts. These boots tend to fit more tightly than others and come with zippers in most cases.

Boots are a great fashion item and come in such a great variety it is sure that you can find a style and type to fit you. I suggest shopping on the internet for the biggest selection possible.

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